Upping the ante this year, I’ve now got a carbon footprint… literally. From the Specialized Comp MTB shoes to the Pro MTB shoes this year, I’m stepping up my game.

2011 Specialized Pro MTB Shoes Features:

  • Performance-enhancing BG contours in the outsole and BG+ High Performance Footbed
  • Light and stiff, full-length FACT carbon midsole
  • New D-link closure system is designed for lightweight, secure ankle control and adjustability
  • Low profile and lightweight M-lock SL buckle for secure closure
  • Durable injection composite outsole for confident traction
  • Engineered Micromatrix upper is light, durable and supple fitting, with welded reinforcement in high wear areas
  • 2-bolt cleat pattern, compatible with all major MTB pedals
  • Ultra-vented tongue for breathability
  • Approximate weight: 385g (1/2 pair #42)
  • MSRP: $275

Specialized Pro MTB Shoes Review

With a FACT carbon-fiber midsole, the Pro MTB shoes add a touch of power and efficiency over the Comp’s. Not only that, but the uppers also represent quite a step up from the Comp, I think. Slip these on and your feet will be treated to both comfort and a lesson in ergonomics.

I’m a big fan of Specialized Body Geometry shoes and feel they truly do provide a more efficient pedal stroke and aid in proper knee alignment. Since switching to BG shoes over 8 years ago, my knee pain has been reduced and ┬áride comfort has improved.

Talking specifically about the 2011 Pro MTB shoes, the first thing that shines is the new D-link closure system and M-lock SL buckle. It’s very easy to create a snug, comfortable fit with the ratcheting closure on the buckle. The wide one-piece strap spreads out the pressure over a wider area of your upper foot to ensure efficient power transfer. The first and second straps allow for further tweaks to give you just the right fit.

The honeycomb Swiss cheese-style tongue has contoured well to my feet with just the right amount of breathability and efficiency. Overall, the uppers provide an excellent amount of breathability on long rides, but still remain wearable on chilly days with long downhills.

A look inside and you’ll find the BG+ footbed. These footbeds work in conjunction with the contoured midsole to spread the metatarsal, support the foot and maintain proper alignment for an efficient pedal stroke.

While these shoes are made for riding, walking around is natural and comfortable. the twin removable spikes aid in traction and the overall sole rocker allows for easy walking on pavement and uneven terrain when dismounted.

The only downsides I must point out is that this shoe is a smidge heaver than the lower-priced Comp MTB shoe and on long rides, my big toes tended to go numb. On the numbness, I’m unsure exactly what may be causing that. It is possible that I could go at lest 1/2 size larger for a bit more toe wiggle room. That may help reduce numbness or it may not.

Throughout the rest of the season, I’ll continue to push these through their paces and post updates on their durability.

Good Pro MTB

  • Immediate power transfer
  • Fit offers foot-cradling comfort
  • Ratcheting upper strap is easy-to-use and adjust
  • Excellent breathability
  • Body Geometry footbeds and construction

Bad Pro MTB

  • Toe numbness on long rides
  • Heavier than lower-priced options

Bottom Line: 2011 Specialized Pro MTB Shoes

The best feature of the Pro MTB shoes is the ultra-comfortable uppers with micro-adjusting closures. Beyond that, the Body Geometry construction and FACT carbon midsole are just icing on the cake.

Buy Now: Visit Specialized.com

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  1. I have wore a pair of Specialized Comps for about the last 6 years and to be honest, they have been abused, but have held up great. Ironically I have issues with my toes going numb as well. I decided it was time to get new shoes this year and my “shop guy” talked me into a pair of Sidi’s. I got the Dominator 5’s and the fit is awesome. A little more room in the toe box and a little stiffer sole. The sole is a hard plastic than get a little treacherous on wet rocks or any rocks for that matter if you have to hike a bike, but other than that I am extremely happy with them.

    • I’ve heard so much good about Sidi’s, I’ve got to give a pair a whirl. But, the traction sounds a little sketchy. Either that, or size up on these to see if it improves my toe numbness. Thanks for your first-hand experience!

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