Seemingly simple… all they do is hold water and shoot it out into your mouth when squeezed. But, when it comes to the good ones, they always make it to the top of the bottle pile stashed underneath the sink. Consistently on top of that pile is the Specialized Purist Hydroflo.

Specialized Purist Hydroflo Bottle Features:

  • Purist infsion lining keeps bottle clean and taste-free
  • Proprietary engineered resin delivers the most flexible bottle ever designed
  • Ergonomic three-sided design makes it easy to grip
  • Simple hands-free open and close WaterGate valve with Heart Valveā„¢ eliminates the water hammer spill, even when the cap is open.
  • O-ring sealed, leak-proof cap locks down for transport or mixing powdered drinks.
  • BPA-free plastic
  • 100% FDA food grade materials
  • Rubber over-molded cap for easy grip.
  • MSRP: $15
Specialized Purist Hydroflo 23 oz Water Bottle

Tucks right inside the Niner Jet 9 RDO’s frame.

Hello, Hydroflo

For me, the water bottle is what allows me to keep riding. Rarely do I ride with a hydration pack these days, so the ever-important water bottle is a daily consideration for me. Insulated or non? Small, medium or large? Should I grab two bottles? All those questions go away when the Hydroflo is in sight. If I see it, I’m grabbing it, filling it up and heading out the door.

You see, with the Purist Hydroflo water bottle, you get arguably the best bottle on the market. Let me count the ways.

  1. The squishy, rubbery bottle is easy to grab
  2. You get a lot of water per squish
  3. Squishing the bottle is so easy, my 4-yr-old can do it
  4. The Heart Valve keeps water from splashing out when left open
  5. With the cap off, the opening is wide enough to easily catch crushed ice from the dispenser
  6. Flavored liquids never absorb into the bottle
  7. Water always tastes pure and clean — never plasticky

The Hydroflo sits even nicer on the Tarmac.

As I’ve used the Purist Hydroflo on both mountain and road bikes, I’ve loved the grippyness and the flow of the valve. One grabful of water with the Hydroflo is likely twice that of a traditional bottle, so you have to be prepared. It also comes out in a jiffy — requiring a slightly different tongue placement to prevent the “shoot water right down your throat” effect.

As I’ve used the Purist Hydroflo with a variety of liquids, it cleans up in a snap and there’s never any remaining aftertaste or any plastic-y tastes when going for just water.

The Good:

  • Heart Valve keeps water while open
  • Bottle material is unique and easy-to-squeeze
  • Purist lining isolates flavors
  • Opens wide for easy filling
  • $15 well spent

The Bad:

  • Tongue placement is key when squirting gulps
  • No insulated version yet (might be hard to maintain such a squishy design though)
  • Difficult to get just a little bit of water

The Bottom Line: Specialized Purist Hydroflo

The current, undisputed champion of water bottles is the Specialized 23 oz Hydroflo. It’s squishy bottle has won me over with big and consistent streams of water and other liquids. Add on top of that the Purist lining that keeps flavors where the are supposed to.

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