You’ve gotta have a floor pump. Seriously, if you don’t have one, it’s time to pick one up. If you can’t see spending $100 or more on a floor pump, maybe it’s time to check out the Spin Doctor Pro HP from Performance Bicycle.

Spin Doctor Pro HP Floor Pump Features:

  • Hi-Q Twin Valve easily converts to fit Presta or Schrader valves
  • Integrated bleed valve makes pressure adjustments simple
  • Tall barrel provides efficient inflation of high pressure or high volume tires
  • Large gauge with indicator bezel registers to 160 PSI
  • Comfortable molded handle and wide, sturdy base
  • Durable aluminum barrel and base
  • Price: $59.99 (typically available for less)

Performance Spin Doctor Pro HP Floor Pump Review

Spin Doctor is the Pump Doctor

With the fleet of bikes coming through here, I’m constantly inflating tires. For years I’ve had a Pedro’s Prestige floor pump in the back of my car, but have recently made a swap for the Spin Doctor Pro HP — and there’s lots to like about it.

With a super long hose, the Pro HP can reach long distances to inflate your treads. The Hi-Q Twin Valve is pretty nifty and easily attaches to Presta or Schrader valves, but you do have to reverse the fitting manually if you want to switch valve types. In reality, that’s not a huge issue so long as I’m using it for my bikes. I only run into Schrader valves with the kids bikes, so I simply unscrew the valve fitting and reverse it — super easy.

Spin Doctor Pro HP Hi-Q Valve

Again, I really have liked the Hi-Q Twin Valve. Yes, you have to swap it manually, but instead of being a universal valve, it functions properly for the unique characteristics of Presta and Shrader valves. Most notably, it requires very little to get a proper valve attachment. Some pumps require a deep insertion to seal properly and inflate without leakage. That’s not the case here as it subtly pops onto the end of the Presta valve and is secured with the shiny lever. I love that the entire head is madeĀ out of aluminum. It certainly adds to the durability and quality of the unit.

The hose extends 49-inches long to reach tires while on a hitch rack or bike stand. Since it attaches at the base, it does reach a decent distance, but other pumps that attach higher on the barrel will reach farther.

It does feature a large handle with rubberized tops. However, the underside of the handle is bare plastic with four open slats. While most of the pumping action takes place on the tops, it detracts from the overall quality when the underside of the handle is bare and uncomfortable.

Performance Bike Spin Doctor Pro HP Floor Pump Review

Featuring a sturdy, wide base, the pump stays in place when pumping and does pack a punch when inflating tires. Here are some stroke comparisons to inflate a Continental Grand Prix 4000S 25mm tire to 100 psi with three different pumps:

  1. Spin Doctor Pro HP: 35 strokes
  2. Pedro’s Prestige: 50 strokes
  3. Bontrager TLR Flash Charger: 75 strokes

Getting tires inflated to the proper pressure is made even easier with a built-in bleed valve. Pumps at this price range don’t feature bleed valves, but the Pro HP most certainly does and it’s a great little feature. I’d say the stroke quality feels nice. It goes up and down smoothly with a good positive feel. It doesn’t quite have the solid feel of a Specialized Air Tool Pro, but it’s also less than half the price.

The Good

  • I prefer the dedicated Presta/Shrader valve
  • Solid-feeling all-metal valve
  • Bleed valve is a nice touch
  • Competitive value among similar floor pumps
  • Requires fewer strokes than other pumps tested
  • Large, easy-to-read gauge

The Bad

  • Handle’s underside feels unfinished

The Bottom Line: Spin Doctor Pro HP

Floor pumps are always in season. If you don’t have one and are in the market, the Spin Doctor Pro HP is an easy pick based on price, airflow and that Hi-Q Twin Valve is really very easy to use.

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