Notoriously irreverent, Spy sunglasses have been better-known for their SoCal lifestyle shades and not so much for their domestique-approved cycling-friendly sunglasses. With a new lineup of performance-oriented shades — built for cyclists — that all has changed. The shield-style Screw sunglasses have been in the quiver for a several weeks of abuse, so I set out to see just how capable they would be.

Spy Screw Commando Kit Sunglasses Features:

  • Built from high quality Grilamid
  • Signature patented Scoop Venting System
  • 7-Base ARC (Accurate Radius Curvature)
  • Impact Resistant Polycarbonate Lenses
  • Hytrel Rubber Nose Pads and Temple Tips
  • 100% UV protection
  • Replacement lenses available for all light conditions
  • Commando Kit includes two lenses
  • Colors: Smoke (bronze w/black mirror and rose), Matte Black (rose contact and bronze) or White (bronze w/black mirror and rose)
  • MSRP: $159.95

Spy Screw Sunglasses Review

Upon arrival, the Screw’s were immediately impressive. The Commando Kit includes two versatile lenses: bronze with black mirror and a second set of rose lenses. Testing out the lens change capabilities, I chose to swap the bronze lenses for the more versatile rose set to begin my testing.

Changing the lenses is easy and is done in a couple quick steps. First, remove the nose piece by pulling down on one side, then the other. Then you simply pull on the center of the lenses to disengage it from the brow and remove the lenses. Reverse the process with the desired lens and you’re golden. Aside from needing to place your fingers on the lens, this process is about as easy and convenient as it gets.

The styling of the Screw is a bit blocky, but it all comes together nicely with a nod to form over function. The large shield lens provides awesome field-of-vision under all conditions. With lens vents and Spy’s patented Scoop Venting System, everything stays fog-free even when pushing hard. Further, the vents actually work as you can truly feel the air passing through the scoop on the temples — very cool.

As much as some people like full-rim glasses for cycling and running (the Oakley Jawbone is quite popular), I’m a huge fan of semi-rim or shield-style sunglasses for these activities. At speed, the last thing I want is anything blocking my field-of-vision, so I lean towards semi-rim glasses for my athletic pursuits.

My first use of the Screw’s came on a morning road ride into the office. This involves 15 miles with 1300 ft. of climbing. Sweating hard on a cool morning is a notorious recipe for fogging, but the Screw’s were unfazed. I enjoyed clear, fog-free vision on this ride and all subsequent road rides, mountain bike rides and trail runs with these. I particularly appreciated the eye protection and overall coverage while descending at 45+ mph.

I was stoked that these glasses arrived just in time for Ragnar Wasatch Back 2012, and loved them for running and driving over those two days. I’ve also worn them extensively while trail running and mountain biking and have appreciated the crystal-clear optics. I’m keen on the rose lens, but the bronze/black mirror lens is the perfect second option for bright sunlight.

Some glasses have trouble interfering with helmet straps, visors and hats, but the Screw’s were unfazed. I could always get them situated comfortably in a place where they stayed put for hours of riding or running.

The only real negative I’ve noticed is that while the Hytrel rubber is grippy, it’s not the grippiest of rubber. Don’t get me wrong, the glasses stay put, but could be slightly better (yup, grasping at straws here).

Good Screw

  • Outstanding fog-free performance
  • Excellent field-of-vision and coverage
  • Distortion-free lenses
  • Semi-rimless design is perfect for uninhibited vision at speed
  • Compatible with road, MTB helmets, running hats and visors
  • Lens changes are quick and easy

Bad Screw

  • Hytrel rubber could be grippier

Bottom Line: Spy Screw Sunglasses

Spy’s re-entry into the cycling/running eyewear market has nailed it with easy lens changes, performance fit and fog-free vision. The Screw sunglasses are about as good as it gets for cycling and running.

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