There is definitely one downside of going SRAM 1×11 (and it’s about the only downside) — the price. Between the drivetrain and a new wheelset or XD driver, you’re looking at $1500 easy. Well, SRAM is looking to blow up drivetrains as we know them and now you can get a full 1×11 SRAM X1 drivetrain as low as $861. Now we’re talking.

While XX1 has received a ton of praise from all who’ve ridden it. Honestly, it’s hard going to anything else after going 1×11. And, with the “new” SRAM X1, more and more riders will now be able to enjoy its benefits either as an upgrade or right from the showroom floor. The trade-offs from XX1 are as you’d expect: aluminum bits instead of carbon and a less-swanky rear cassette. That said, most riders won’t care and will be glad to have saved their money for carbon bars, lighter wheels or a dropper post.

SRAM X1 Details

SRAM X1 is an integrated drivetrain engineered in Germany that’s built for every rider and every trail. The simple, smart and synchronized design delivers confidence in the face of any terrain — from cross-country racing to all-mountain adventure. With the super-wide 10-42 gear range and multiple chain ring options, it’s the universal drivetrain for experienced or new-to-the-trail riders. Utilizing X-SYNC™ chain rings, the new MINI CLUSTER™ cassette and dependable X-HORIZON™ rear derailleur, X1 puts the power of the SRAM 1X philosophy into every ride.

SRAM X1 XG-1180 Mini Cluster Cassette

With the same 10-42t spread, this is where the bulk of the savings happens. Instead of the entire cassette being CNC-machined out of a single block of billet steel, only the three smallest cogs are. The remaining cogs are pinned, together. The result is an added 46 grams of weight and $112 back in your pocket over the XX1 X-DOME cassette.

SRAM X1 XG-1180 Mini Cluster Cassette

SRAM X1 Cranks

Available in three flavors and all built around X-SYNC (narrow/wide) chainrings that can be easily configured to suit your riding ability and terrain of choice. The X1 1400 cranks feature hollow forged 6000 series aluminum and can be decked out with an optional carbon ring guard. The 1400 comes in at 800 grams (GXP, 175mm, 32t) complete and will set you back $262 for GXP or $308 for BB30. I essentially tested the 1400 cranks on the Niner RIP 9 Al and honestly, you won’t notice anything from their carbon-clad brethren on the trail.

SRAM X1 1400 Crankset

The X1 1200 crank will be available as OEM only and the X1 1000 crank will add a few grams (850 grams), save you a few bucks ($199 for GXP) and feature solid forged aluminum arms.

SRAM X1 Trigger Shifter

This is a slightly heavier, less refined and less-expensive version of the X01 with different materials. It adds 30 grams and saves you about $60.

SRAM X1 Trigger Shifter

SRAM X1 Rear Derailleur

Basically, the X1 rear derailleur is the same as the current X01 model, except it features an alloy cage. Nothing else looks different there, aside from about a $40 price drop.

SRAM X1 Rear Derailleur

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