Not to be left behind in the ever-growing MTB wheelset market, SRAM is adding their expertise into the fray. Undoubtedly leveraging their knowledge from Zipp Wheels and a lifetime of MTB experience, the new RISE 60 and RISE 40 wheelsets look to up the ante in several respects.

The top-shelf RISE60 utilizes carbon fiber rims for an ultralight and fast wheelset. The 29″ RISE 60 tips the scales at 1420 grams (Crank Brothers Cobalt 11 is 1550 grams and the Specialized Roval Control SL is 1530 grams), so we’re talking a savings of over 100 grams over either wheelset. The question is rideability, which is something that will have to wait until more people get aboard.

I’ve hoped all along that with more folks getting into carbon fiber wheels, prices would drop a bit. That yet remains to be seen, but perhaps someday prices for carbon wheelsets will be attainable for the average rider. Manufacturing carbon wheels is time-consuming and it’s an exclusive club, so hence the cost. For the rest of us, the RISE 40 wheelset is a killer pricepoint at $550. Read on for more details on both the RISE 60 and RISE 40 wheels.

More details on the SRAM RISE 60 and RISE 40 Wheelsets from SRAM:

Quicker acceleration. Effortless climbing. Pinpoint cornering precision and more controlled descending. It’s no secret — these are the traits that make you a smoother and faster off-road rider. They’re also the reason SRAM created RISE, an all-new off-road wheelset that optimizes performance for the XC rider and racer.

To create RISE, the SRAM product development team took a scientific approach to engineering a better wheel. They focused on six fundamental factors that affect the way you ride: weight, inertia, engagement, lateral stiffness, frontal stiffness and efficiency.

“A lot of wheel companies tend to focus on one design attribute on their wheels, such as low weight or lateral stiffness,” said SRAM wheel product Manager Bastien Donzé. “Our goal from the start was to design a wheel that offers all the best possible ride characteristics.”

Knowing that light weight is a good thing, but not the only thing, SRAM focused on finding the perfect balance of weight and strength. They engineered, tested and fine-tuned rim designs for both the 26-inch and 29-inch RISE wheelsets to achieve lower inertia for snappier acceleration and increased efficiency. The result was two final formulas—one for the RISE 60 carbon wheel, aimed at XC racers and performance-obsessed riders, and the other for the RISE 40, the aluminum wheel which targets versatile XC all-rounders.

Taking the science a few steps further, engineers also studied the affects of various hub and rim materials, flange designs, spoke angles, as well as rim thickness and shapes, to create optimal all-around stiffness. Both RISE 60 and RISE 40 hubs are beautifully carved from aluminum for optimal weight and energy transfer. Encased in the RISE 60 hub is a unique pawl design that maximizes efficiency and power, making the most of every pedal stroke.

The sum of these efforts—the blending of engineering knowhow and real-world product testing and development—can be felt in the ride. More powerful bursts of speed. Confident cornering. Smoother descents and softer landings. Every wheel connects you to the ground. But only RISE wheels can carry you to new heights.

2012 SRAM RISE 60 Carbon Wheels

The RISE 60 wheelset was designed with the performance XC and marathon rider in mind. Trademark asymmetric carbon fiber rims, Sapim CX-Ray spokes and exclusive hub and pawl designs integrate seamlessly with your ride to boost speed, strength and engagement while ensuring low inertia and explosive acceleration. RISE 60 26″ model shown below.

  • Rims: UD + woven carbon fiber with asymmetric profile, tubeless-ready
  • Spokes: Stainless Sapim XC Rays (24L-24R in 2x pattern)
  • Nipples: Alloy with nylon lockring
  • Weight:  26″: 1330g 29”: 1420g
  • Axle Options: (Front) QR and 15×100 (Rear) QR and 12×142
  • Availability: Dec 2011 for 26″ and Feb 2012 for 29″
  • MSRP: $2000

2012 SRAM RISE 40 Wheels

For the practiced XC rider with the next level in sight, RISE 40 offers the optimal balance of performance factors—and price. From the lightweight aluminum rim to the uncommonly durable hub, each component of the system brings out the best in the rest to activate the full potential of every ride and every rider. RISE 40 29er images shown below.

  • Rims: Alloy s-6000, welded with asymmetric profile, tubeless-ready
  • Spokes: Stainless (24L-24R in 2x pattern)
  • Nipples: Brass with nylon lockring
  • Hubs: Alloy shells, cro-mo axles and driver body, uses X9 hub internals
  • Weight: 26”: 1710g 29”: 1840g
  • Axles Options: (Front) QR and 15×100 (Rear) QR and 12×142
  • Finish: Black anodized hubs with black, white and red graphics
  • Availability: Nov 2011
  • MSRP: $550

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