As one of the biggest fans of SRAM’s Avid brake lineup, I couldn’t be more stoked on the continued innovation coming to the Elixir lineup for 2012. Yeah, we’re already talking about 2012 goodies (crazy, right?). What with the 2011 Sea Otter Classic just around the corner, bike companies are scrambling to bring out the new, shiny 2012 bits.

This is the first in what will become a steady diet of drool-worthy new parts labeled as 2012 models. The new Elixir 7 and 9 brake sets will actually be available in the next two months. The major update includes a new TaperBore™ system, air trap feature for improved bleeding, bladder, cross-drilled rotors and more. The barrel-style contact adjustment dial looks to be an improvement from the current design as well. This is quite the overhaul and definitely worth mention.

To learn more, read on for the official announcement.

March 15, 2011 – Developed by smart people who like to ride fast, the new Elixir 9 and 7 incorporate cutting-edge technology and takes the proven Elixir line to the next level of control. Born in the mountains of Colorado Springs and put through rigorous testing both in the lab and on the mountains, the new champions of the Elixir line are so durable and delectable they may be the last brakes riders ever buy.

2012 Avid Elixir 9 – $215

Brand spankin’ new for 2012, we’ve taken the control and precision of the Elixir line and upped the ante with the Elixir 9. The uber-svelte 358gram package combines an updated TaperBore™ system, a new two-piece caliper and heat-shedding HS1 cross-drilled rotors, making Elixir 9 simultaneously smooth and powerful.

The patented TaperBore closure system is seeing a new day and a new year with a true evolution. We define this evolution as power + control = exceptional modulation. We have developed a new bladder material, simplified the bleed port and poured resources into a cunning new air trap feature that makes this brake a snap to bleed.

Because we want our brakes to be your brakes, Elixir 9 brings to the table tool-free reach and contact adjustment to let riders dial in the perfect feel in under a minute. Elixir 9 feels so good, you won’t want to take your hands off of them.

  • New Air Trap Feature
  • New Bladder
  • New Tool-free Reach Adjust
  • New Caliper

2012 Avid Elixir 7 – $179

For 2012, the all-new Elixir 7 combines the proven precision and feel of the Elixir line with the same revamped TaperBore design, new two-piece caliper and the heat-shedding HS1 rotor found on the Elixir 9. We continue to pull down the great features including the MMX compatible hinge clamp and since skimping on features isn’t our style, the only bell left off is Contact Adjust.

New HS Rotors

Avid is unleashing brand new rotors and brackets for 2012. Utilizing cross-drilled technology, the lightweight HS series stays cooler when your run heats up, offers enhanced wet-weather performance, and takes braking to a whole new level of smooth.

  • New 20mm Diameter Increments (140, 160, 180, 200)
  • New Brackets
  • New Brake Track

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  1. If you find out anything about updates to Shimano Xt please let us know. Would love to see some revamp to make their brakes more like the XTR

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