Got a mountain or road biker on your list? While you can’t get everyone a brand new Scott Addict Team Issue, there are some small items that every cyclist can appreciate. Here are some ideas for stuffing that stocking with care.

PROBar Meal Bars

The PROBar Meal Bars

For riders who squeeze rides in at lunch (yours truly), there’s not always time to grab a full meal afterwards due to meetings or other commitments. The time-crunched cyclist can often also be nutrition-starved. PROBar Meal Bars pack a wallop with nearly 400 calories of whole organic grains and boasting 10 grams of protein with high doses of natural Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. Available in 12 different flavors (ranging from chocolate to berries), there’s bound to be one that hits the spot. Cost: $3/bar or $37/box

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Subscription to The Feed

The Feed - Nutrition Delivered

Upping the ante on the nutrition side, time-crunched cyclists are also typically running low on pre-ride and mid-ride treats. Why not consider a subscription to The Feed so your cyclist has a constant supply of nutrition options to stuff in their back pockets and hydration packs. If you’re lucky, they will load it up with some yummy Rip Van Wafels that you’re kids will snatch. Cost: $20/mo and up

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FITS Ultra Light Trail Socks

FITS Socks Ultralight Trail

Suitable for both mountain and road biking, the FITS Ultra Light Trail Socks are 100% made in the USA by expert elves in Tennessee. I’m a sock snob and the construction of these socks and every pair of FITS that I’ve worn has been top-notch. They like to call it “Full Contact Fit“, but I just call it perfect fit. Cost: $16/pair

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Specialized Purist Watergate Bottles

Specialized Purist Watergate Bottles

Available in a variety of sizes and even insulated models, the Purist Watergate bottles are my favorite for everyday use. Yeah, the  Purist Hydroflo gets water fast, but it lacks structure for trail running and can sometimes provide too much water. I’ve found the Watergate models to be my go-to bottle of choice for road biking, mountain biking and on while trail running. Cost: $10

Buy Now: Available at or Your Local Dealer

Zipp Service Course CX Bar Tape

Zipp Service Course CX Bar Tape

Adding a new layer of bar tape is a great way to start the year. And, with the tacky, cushiony goodness of the Zipp Service Course CX tape, you’re bound to score bonus points. This stuff is easily installed and will immediately up the comfort of any existing bars. Cost: $24

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Donate to World Bicycle Relief

World Bicycle Relief - Buffalo Bike

My favorite charity by far, the World Bicycle Relief sends indestructible Buffalo bikes into remote areas of Africa to give people a chance at education and a better life. Each bike costs $134 and until the end of the year, donations are matched — and if you donate with the link below, you or your stocking stuff-ee will be entered to win one of 5 awesome bikes.

Donate Now: World Bicycle Relief

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