Hey, it’s raining outside … are you still thinking of going for a ride?  Some might think you’re crazy.  But with the right protection from the elements, it’s not such a big deal.  Sugoi’s RPM Jacket supplies the protection; you supply the crazy.

Sugoi RPM Jacket Features

  • HydraShield outer shell for wind and water resistance
  • Firewall 220 fabric
  • Full waterproof separating zipper to prevent seepage
  • Waterproof taped seams
  • Core ventilation zippers
  • Raglan sleeve construction
  • Elastic cuffs with adjustable Velcro closure
  • Elastic back hem with flat front
  • Microfleece lined collar
  • Semi-form fit
  • 3M Scotchlite reflective accents add visibility
  • Colors: Tomatillo, Super Nova, Chili Red, Black (tested)
  • MSRP: $120

Sugoi RPM Cycling Jacket Review

Waterproof and breathable is the dream combination of winter performance gear – unfortunately, in practice those two elements are almost mutually exclusive; true waterproof stuff doesn’t breathe, while truly breathable stuff doesn’t resist water.  It’s a tricky equation that’s practically impossible to solve.

Sugoi’s RPM jacket has outstanding water resistance, as the entire exterior surface is composed of HydraShield, made with a woven outer shell fabric containing DWR coating.  It also seals off all the places water might sneak in, with a fully waterproof zipper and waterproof taped seams.  The rear hemline stays in place, and the mock-turtle-height microfleece collar can be secured with a Velcro closure.  In other words, water’s not getting in this thing.

On the breathability side of the equation, the RPM uses takes a couple of different approaches to let sweat and heat escape; one is a fabric strategy, and the other is a design element.  The fabric is Sugoi’s Firewall 220, which utilizes three-layer construction: a knitted, breathable interior membrane, a performance wicking middle layer, and a weather-resistant surface on the outside.

The design element is quite simple: large core zippers on either side of your trunk allow air to pass through and help regulate moisture management and body temperature.  Another benefit of the core zippers is that they allow you to reach into the back pockets of your base layer – an important point, as the RPM doesn’t have any pockets of its own.

In practice, the overall breathability of the jacket is decent, but not fantastic.  If the rain clears and the day turns out sunnier than you expected, you’ll get warm in a hurry.   If water resistance of the RPM is a 9 out of 10, ventilation is probably closer to a 5.

Zippered core vents; Firewall fabric visible on interior

Fit of the RPM is comfortable through the trunk without feeling baggy, and can accommodate either a single base layer or two thin layers.  Full range of motion is provided by stretch components of the fabric, as well as raglan sleeves to prevent restriction of the shoulders and arms.

Good RPM

  • Outstanding water resistance
  • Strong insulation for cold temperatures
  • Convenient access to rear shirt pockets


  • Limited breathability
  • No pocket storage

Bottom Line: Sugoi RPM Jacket

Better for stormy days than sunny ones, Sugoi’s RPM Jacket offers great water resistance for riding through rainy fall or winter conditions.

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