The RSX jersey from Sugoi recently got a complete redesign and now sports a carefully tailored feature set to appeal to a wide range of mountain bikers. I’ve thrashed the jersey on my signature blend of all-mountain trail riding around the local parks and now it’s time to take a critical look at the kit.

Sugoi RSX Jersey Features:

  • Icefil® material is moisture reactive and cools your skin temperature with perspiration
  • Semi fited performance jersey specifically intended for hot days in the saddle
  • Zone construction featuring mesh panel inserts for airflow and breathability
  • 9″ front zipper provides ventilation
  • MSRP: $100

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Ever ridden shirtless?

Well, be honest, have you? It’s a risky endeavor, as it opens up vast new swathes of baby-soft skin to the assaults of gravel, branches, and the son’s lidless gaze. Frankly, it’s not worth it – if only there were a jersey so light and cool it would give the sensation of feeling shirtless.

You know where I’m going with this. The Sugoi RSX gives something of that feeling with its full mesh back, pits and side panels. I like to begin with the very foundation of a piece of gear and discuss the fabric used by the designers. Besides the extensive mesh coverage, the main body of the jersey is made of Sugoi’s delightfully soft, breathable Icefil fabric. Besides having a very nice feeling next-to-skin, the fabric offers UV protection (a must in high elevation!) and has a hydrophilic treatment that actively transports sweat from your body into the fabric where it can be evaporated away. In a word, the fabric is premium.

Rider comfort is always foremost in Sugoi’s mind, or so it appears from the RSX jersey. It features an asymmetric stitching pattern which looks sharp and, at least in my mind, helps the jersey to move with your body more easily. The pattern continues with a nine-inch front zipper that tops out to a comfy zipper garage. When the zip is all the way open and there’s a nice breeze flowing over the jersey’s mesh accents, it’s really quite hard for your body to overheat. Ventilation on this jersey is prime.

Photo Jun 07, 7 27 57 PM

The Jersey’s features extend to two zippered pockets which run toward the rear of the jersey rather than the front, helping to keep their contents from being mashed into your kidneys by your quads as you pedal. The right pocket has an attached microfiber lens cloth for wiping away the tell-tale signs that you’re riding on a multiple-use trail that also permits horses. The RSX also has reflective accents on the front of the jersey, but, truthfully, it’d be nice to have them on the rear too.

Finally, a word about fit. I’m 5’11” and 185lbs. The size large that I tested fit a trifle loose throughout the ribs and waist, which was Sugoi’s intent.

Photo Jun 07, 7 28 19 PM

The Good

  • The Icefil fabric is excellent – UV protection and active cooling
  • Meshwork coupled with the partial zipper offers premiere ventilation
  • Overall fit of the jersey is very nice, perfect for trail riding
  • Pocket design is thoughtful

The Bad

  • Perhaps reflective accents on the back of the jersey, in a place that wouldn’t be obscured by a pack, would be nice

The Bottom Line: RSX Jersey

Sugoi’s premium MTB jersey dishes out trailworthy performance in spades. It’s the type of jersey that you simply don’t think about when you’re wearing it, which is a testament to the careful tailoring and excellent fabric choice made by the Sugoi team. I have no major complaints but quite a bit of praise for the RSX jersey.

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