This just came through from the crew at Ibis Cycles. As always, Chuck Ibis, is in rare form as he spreads the word about their great bikes and company in his quirky and light-hearted way. We all know how awesome the many non-profit trail building organizations are in our respective locations. Here along the Wasatch, we’re lucky enough to have a few with the Mountain Trails Foundation leading the charge with Park City’s miles of buffed-out singletrack.

In Northern California, the crew that takes care of the fine singletrack in and around Downieville is the Sierra Buttes Trails Stewardship. As with all trail building organizations, they are always looking for donations to support the cause. This year, Ibis, Marzocchi, Shimano and Easton are providing a killer Ibis Mojo as bait to get all y’all to throw down in support of their efforts. Here are the details:

Here in Northern California, Spring has muscled winter aside which has in turn been temporarily displaced by summer with temps in the mid 90’s. The furnaces in our houses have been put back into hibernation and we’re enjoying monster traction on our local trails. “Ego Dirt” we call it, because just about anyone can pilot a bike around corners like Brian Lopes in these conditions.

The racing and festival season is heating up too; Sea Otter just finished, The Fruita Fat Tire Festival is this week, followed by Ales and Trails the next weekend and so on.

One Mid-Summer event that gets us particularly excited is the Downieville Classic. It’s in the tiny mountain town of Downieville, not too far from California’s Lake Tahoe, and one of the best events of the year. No cell phones work up there, no internet, just a few days of bike riding, camping and swimming in warm rivers. In other words, good clean fun.

Q: Why do we like Downieville?
A: Because the riding is exceptional
Q: Why is the riding exceptional?
A: Because of the Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship

About the Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship

This small dedicated group of rapscallions and rabble-rousers have been tirelessly building trails up in Downieville for the last few years: Winter, Summer Spring and Fall. Due in great part to their efforts, Downieville and environs has become one of the premier mountain bike destinations in the US.

When the good people at Yuba Expeditions asked us if we wanted to sponsor the Downieville Classic this year, we didn’t hesitate for a second. And the good folks at Yuba let us specify that 100% of the money we put toward “The Classic” will go to the Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship (SBTS).

Support Sierra Singletrack & Win an Ibis Mojo

Enter the raffle to win an Ibis Mojo, help build a trail

We’re finally getting to the heart of this email. We are going to raffle off a brand spankin’ new Mojo worth well north of $5,000.00.

We’ve enlisted the help of our rider Brian Lopes. Brian likes Downieville just like we do, and we all decided we wanted to give a little something back. So we asked Brian to spec out a bike like he’d be riding up in Downieville. He did, and we asked his other sponsors helped us out with parts. They did.

Now it’s your turn, and FIVE BUCKS IS ALL IT TAKES TO BUY A RAFFLE TICKET but we think you’ll want to give a little more. The more you buy, the more trails you help build and the greater the chance you have of winning.

We will ship anywhere, so if you’re in another country, go ahead and enter. Your size and color choice is also part of the deal. The drawing happens April 27, so hurry up and get your raffle on!

Buy Tickets: Visit Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship

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