Out of the frozen North in Minnesota, Surly has been making fat bikes for a long time. And, the Surly Pugsley is one of the original fatties. With a cool CroMoly frame and classic lines, the Pugsley is now updated to be an adventure/bikepacking machine with racks and a slightly-extended wheelbase.

When loaded up for adventure, the Pugsley will now accommodate panniers for days. And, the offset rear rack system puts your load directly over the center of the wheel for better handling. Best of all, this new package sports a reasonable $1899 price tag — not too shabby. 

2018 Surly Pugsley Highlights:

  • Size-specific 4131 CroMoly frameset
  • 142x12mm rear axle
  • Up to three water bottle mounts
  • 4.3″ tires support a full 1×11 (4.8″ requires offset cranks)
  • A total of four ThreePack mounts and racks front/rear to haul everything
  • Includes Moloko handlebar
  • MSRP: $1899
2018 Surly Pugsley

Racked up for adventure, the 2018 Pugsley is ready for anything.

More Info: Visit SurlyBikes.com

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