Luckily, I’ve yet to fall victim to a bike thief. However, plenty of friends have had their bikes stolen (locked and unlocked) over the years. In spite of being a fairly safe town, Provo, Utah has a ton of bike thefts. With all the college kids comes bikes and with thousands of bikes comes bike thieves.

I recall two thefts in particular where roommates bikes disappeared. One where their unchained bike was stolen from a 2-story balcony and the other where a storage shed was busted open and bikes removed. However the bike theft occurs, the owner is left frustrated with not much recourse as bikes disappear.

More recently, there have been some pretty brazen and high-profile bike thefts. Here in Utah, professional cyclist, Dave Zabriskie’s home was gutted while riding in the Tour of California earlier this year and just recently, hired help for GT/Cannondale swiped $30,000 in prototype bikes from a product launch in Park City.

However the theft, it all leaves a sour taste in the owner’s mouth. Now to the sweet revenge… even if the thieves are not caught and the stolen bikes retrieved, at least one such victim turned to prose as a recourse. Check this out (click to enlarge):

An Open Letter to a Bike Thief

Bike thieves beware! You just might see more of these displays in public. And by the way, I hope your front wheel falls off or your brakes fail while riding your stolen bike!

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