I really like this idea. The SWITCHbck hitch rack makes good use of your existing fork-mounted roof racks by creating a hitch-mounted mini crossbar mount on the back of your vehicle. The system is built for smaller vehicles and hence only comes in a 1-1/4″ receiver, for now. All you need is a hitch receiver on your vehicle, an old tray rack and you’re set.

I’ve long been a proponent of hitch-mounted bike racks, but no matter how lightweight some of the latest designs are, there’s no getting around how awkward they can be to move around. The SWITCHbck is 17 lbs with a tray, thus making it a full 10 lbs lighter than the leading hitch racks — plus, it makes use of your existing roof rack trays.

The SWITCHbck is currently on Kickstarter, looking for funding to take their fledgling, but promising product to the next level.

More Info: Visit SWITCHbck on Kickstarter

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