Wool is your friend… repeat after me… WOOL IS YOUR FRIEND. Good… nice work! Well, with all the synthetic fabrics on the market these days, sometimes I have to convince people that natural fibers are their friend. Thanks to Merino Wool purveyors like Swobo, Ibex, Icebreaker and others, Merino use is on the upswing.

At hand is the new Swobo Merino 753 long-sleeve jersey. Definitely a keeper and definitely a great cool-weather MTB jersey to have on the shelf.

The new Merino 753 jersey uses a unique blend of polyester (77%) and Merino Wool (23%) for the perfect combination of soft comfort and moisture wicking capabilities. The fabric is hot off the press and Swobo is very stoked on it (read on to find out why you should be too).

Highlights of the Swobo Merino 753 long-sleeve jersey:

  • 2-faced fabric: Merino next-to-skin, polyester outer (learn more)
  • Waffle-style fabric for improved breathability
  • Full zipper
  • Three pockets in rear
  • Extra length coverage
  • Flat seams for stitch-free fit
  • Color: Silver (tested) or Pewter
  • MSRP: $110

Swobo Merino 753 Long-sleeve Jersey Review

Swobo Merino 753 Long-sleeve Jersey Review

Let me tell you… I’m really digging all the Merino Wool options in the market these days. With the transition from Fall to Winter becoming more and more of a reality, I’ve been longing for a solid long-sleeve jersey option. My current long-sleeve jerseys all lack rear pockets, so I’ll start there. The three pocket design on the 753 is excellent with the ability to securely carry a water bottle, mobile phone, extra tube and other small bits without worry. One-handed access to the pockets is easy and things just stay put very well… kudos there.

Overall comfort of the jersey is excellent… I just love the feel of Merino in cool weather. I found the jersey to work really well alone in temperatures in the 50’s. When it dipped into the 40’s, the jersey kept me warm when I was in the sun, but the shade was a tad too chilly. An ultralight windproof vest (like the Marmot DriClime Vest) on top would be ideal with this jersey as temps decline.

On the other side of the thermometer, the 753 is comfortable enough for temperatures in the 60’s and above with the full-zip ventilation and its excellent moisture management skills.

Just a couple of things to note. While the overall fit is just right, the midsection isn’t too good at hiding my non-6-pack abs. Not that I’m fat, but lets just say I’m a ways off from being in an Abercrombie ad. So it’s a snug-fitting jersey in the middle, but the arms and chest aren’t so snug, but just right. I suppose the reason why the midsection is tight is to keep the load-carrying pockets from swaying back and forth. So, I’ll take the unflattering look for a more stable sherpa, I suppose.

As far as odor control goes, the construction of the material is made to reduce stankyness. I purposely ran in it one day, then rode in it the next two days without washing. While it didn’t stay “Spring Fresh,” it wasn’t as stinky as most day-old jerseys can be, so that’s good news for commuters.

The subtle Swobo styling is always welcomed, but this top-notch jersey does come at a price. It’s highly-functional and versatile–no question about that. But $110 is still steep for many.

A note on fit: I’m 5’11 and 175 lbs. The Large was my size of choice and fit me just right for a comfortable fit.

Good 753

  • Fabric blend is comfortable to the touch
  • Trim fit keeps things streamlined
  • Full zip for ventilation
  • Rear pockets are well supported and can actually be used
  • Not racy, but not baggy… a good fit for everyday riding
  • Subdued styling
  • Waffle fabric pattern dries quickly

Bad 753

  • Price of entry is steep
  • Form-fitting midsection isn’t hiding my non-6pack-edness
  • Full front zipper = zippered chest hair (yeowch)

Bottom Line: Swobo Merino 753 Long-sleeve Jersey

The sheep would be proud… no question this is an excellent jersey for cool-weather riding. I really dig the functional back pockets and the comfy, functional fabric, but it does come at a price.

Buy Now: Visit Swobo.com

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  1. I own several Swobo items, but had similar issues with a couple of their other garments (too tight around the waist.) On a recent ride in San Francisco I met an outdoor clothing designer who had created a few new Merino wool pieces for Chrome Industries. I checked them out, and threw-down on a Chrome Industries Pacer Jacket and it really rocks. The Pacer is 100% Merino Wool and designed for riding. I usually wear an Icebreaker Tech Top 260 which has been my go to for the wonderful San Francisco weather, but the Pacer has become my new favorite. Perfect weight, long in the back and, well, just fits.

    • I’ll have to check out Chrome’s apparel. I didn’t realize they had more than a messenger bag line… shows my ignorance, I guess. 🙂

      Yeah, the snug-ness around the midsection of the 753 jersey seemed odd at first, but once I used it on the trail, it made sense. Everything stays in place when the rear pocket is loaded with a water bottle, phone, etc.

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