In spite of my love of technology, sometimes old school is the way to go. Take The Bicycling Guide to Complete Bike Maintenance and Repair for Road and Mountain Bikes, for example. This newly-revised (6th edition) book is the perfect hands-on Holiday gift. Thumbing through the pages, there’s nothing you can’t do with a little time and the right tools.

I love the clear explanations and photographs to help you do everything from truing a wheel to setting the headset race. This book is a must-have for any avid cyclist and should be tops on your gift list. At only $23.99, it’s also a real bargain considering the money it could save you in shop fees.

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Whether you own the latest or classic model, THE BICYCLING GUIDE TO COMPLETE BICYCLE MAINTENANCE & REPAIR: For Road & Mountain Bikes (Rodale Books; September 28, 2010; Hardcover; 978-1605294872; $23.99; 400 pages) by Todd Downs will keep your bike out of the repair shop and your money in your pocket. This ultimate repair manual includes everything the beginner or experienced biker needs to know for maximum performance and comfort. In the book, readers will discover:

  • Top tricks from professional mechanics
  • Learn the principles of suspension tuning
  • Ways to keep wheels spinning smooth and true
  • How to fix roadside breakdowns quickly with minimum tools
  • How to solve every repair issue with easy step-by-step diagrams
  • And much moreā€¦

The expanded and revised 6th edition offers updated text, 200 new photos, troubleshooting sections, an updated glossary, and video links, to keep readers up to date with the latest models and parts. THE BICYCLING GUIDE TO COMPLETE BICYCLE MAINTENANCE & REPAIR is the perfect repair manual for any biker and the ideal gift to go with a brand new bike this holiday season.

Todd Downs has been a bicycling mechanic for over 21 years, handling the day-to-day fixes to the rare mechanic work at professional races, including the Tour de France. He has served as a wrench for USA Cycling, Assistance Mavic, and SRAM Neutral Race Support. In additional to his hands-on work, he has been published in Dirt Rag magazine. He lives in Austin, TX where he enjoys riding his own bike during the brief off-season.

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