Ever lose something and even after many years, still long for it? I guess it’s not that far-fetched. Take my wedding ring for example. No, actually, lets not talk about it. How about something else… some seemingly-trivial piece of gear that was lost, sold or forgotten and never replaced. For me, the two items that come to the top of mind are my long-lost Marmot Driclime Vest and my 50-bikes-ago 2002 Turner RFX.

Oh how I miss my Marmot Driclime Vest

I miss you, Driclime Vest. I miss your lightweight insulation and wind protection. I miss you every time I go for a brisk run or bike ride when a full jacket is too warm and the chill still too biting to leave your core unprotected. The funny thing is I have no idea where this vest went. Somewhere between moves and adventures, it simply disappeared. Come back, please!

2002 Turner RFX… brings a tear to my eye

My first truly high-end, drool-worthy built-from-the-ground-up mountain bike. The RFX is still legendary and carries with it a ton of stoke and hype among those who have ridden or owned one. I miss your smooth and burly performance. I miss your ability to crush anything in sight and still pound out technical climbs. I’m not so sure why I still miss you so much with all your portliness, but I do.

OK, I’ve spilled my guts… now what gear do you still miss?

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  1. Same here! I had a homegrown I sold back in ’97 that was my first real mountain bike. I also wish I had never sold my first pair of skis, can’t ever get either of those back.

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