The Ups and Downs of Springtime Riding


The calendar says it’s spring here in Utah, but I’m not buying it. Actually, it’s been the typical up and down roller coaster weather that dominates April along the Wasatch Mountains. One day, it’s 75 degrees and sunny, then the next it’s 30 degrees and you’ve got an inch of snow on the lawn. It definitely makes for a challenging time to get consistent riding days in. Still, I’ve gotten a few days of riding inbetween backcountry skiing sessions and am looking forward to more.

It’s great to have early-season trails in my backyard in Lambert Park (Alpine, UT). Spinning a quick 2-hour session is easy and the trails dry out early in the season, revealing the only singletrack trails in the area until at least mid-May.

Iron Horse 6Point6 Mountain Bike - Lambert Park

I’ve got three test bikes in the garage that I’m stoked to spin laps on:

Look for full, in-depth reviews of these bikes in the next month or so. I just want to get enough trail time to understand the good and bad and bring you the straight scoop on these bikes.

Until then, get out there and ride.

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