Iconic, opinionated, eclectic and godfather of mountain biking — Gary Fisher has been the face of mountain biking with his wild style and stable of bikes. Nearly everyone I know has owned a Gary Fisher bike and the 29er movement has been heavily fueled by his love of the big hoops. Mountain biking owes a lot to the man and now Trek is bringing his iconic stature closer to the fold with the introduction of the Trek Gary Fisher Collection for 2011. Yes, that means that the standalone Gary Fisher brand is going away (some will blow their tops, but I look at it as an obvious evolution).

I think it makes sense as the whole Trek/Fisher dual line got to the point that everyone knew Fisher was Trek-built. Focusing on a single core brand, Trek can now put the Gary Fisher name on the bike while leveraging a single brand name and larger distribution network. They also now get 29ers. The bikes appear much-unchanged from 2011 with even more pavement and alternative transportation-style bikes added to the mix.

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Full press release below:

(Waterloo, WI) – Trek Bicycle and bike pioneer Gary Fisher are pleased to announce the Gary Fisher Collection, a line of Trek bikes that will replace the standalone Gary Fisher brand. The Collection will be distributed exclusively through Trek retailers.

The move dramatically expands exposure for Gary Fisher Collection bikes, which will now be available in 8 times more retail outlets around the world and seen by 10 times more internet viewers. “This makes sense. I love this strategy,” says Gary Fisher. “I’ve been working with Trek on the Fisher Brand since 1996, but this puts me right in the middle of the best team of bike people. I can now bring my ideas to Trek, number one bike brand in the world. Better bikes and more people on those bikes. I love it.”

Adds Trek President, John Burke: “2010 has been a fantastic year for both Trek and Gary Fisher bikes. But we weren’t taking full advantage of the incredible resource we have in Gary Fisher, the man. We realized we could bring Gary’s ideas to many more people by creating the Gary Fisher Collection.”

The Gary Fisher Collection will give Trek retailers access to a unique product lineup of 29ers, Dual Sports, and alternative road and pavement bikes. Trek Director of Product, Joe Vadeboncoeur, sums up the bikes this way: “I used to be the Fisher Product Manager. I’ve been around Gary’s ideas for a long time. This is the strongest lineup of Fisher bikes I’ve ever seen. Trek’s full involvement has only made them stronger. Model year 2011 will be our best year for Fisher ever.”

Learn More: Visit TrekBikes.com/FisherCollection

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  3. Its only September and I cant buy a 2010 model Advance disc, all out of stock but for a Blue 15″!
    The new bikes look crap, honestly, way ugly paint schemes compared with the 2010 models, if Trek wanted to upgrade they should have focused on the components like the low end cranksets, not the beautiful cosmetics of last years bikes, all in all a wasted opportunity. I won’t buy a 2011…it sucks!

  4. Hey Frank… sorry for your frustration. Bike model years typically go from August to August. It’s almost like automobiles in that regard. By the this time of the year, the 2010’s are few and far between with 2011’s showing up daily.

    As far as colors, that’s hard to argue as it’s always personal. Sorry you don’t like the new ones. On some levels I agree with you, but I need to see them in person before casting judgment. Hopefully you can get the bike you want in the color you’re hoping for.

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