Updated Niner Trail Slayers: JET 9 and RIP 9 RDO


While both the JET 9 and RIP 9 RDO have been great platforms for awhile, they were introduced on the cusp of a load of advances in trail bike geometry, axle standards and drivetrains. Unfortunately for Niner, they showed their age in short order, but were still respectably capable, fast and fun machines. I rode and loved the previous-generation JET 9 RDO and the RIP 9 Al. In fact, the RIP 9 Al still holds a much-coveted PR on a classic local climb (unreal for an aluminum trail bike).

So, for 2017, Niner is hitting the trail bike market head-on with an all-new JET 9 RDO and RIP 9 RDO. Both platforms sit nicely in the Niner lineup with 120mm and 150mm travel, respectively. Some notable features/advances we’re liking about these new bikes:

  • Optimized RDO carbon layups
  • Long and low geometry for shorter stems
  • Boost 148 spacing
  • Shorter seatstays (434mm for the JET and 439mm for the RIP)
  • JET is 1x or 2x while the RIP is 1x only
  • 73mm threaded bottom brackets
  • Available in either 29 or 27.5+ configurations (wait… whaaaaat!?!?)
  • Standard bearings in all pivots
  • JET Pricing: $4500 – $9500
  • RIP Pricing: $5000 – $9800
  • Available in August 2016
The 2017 Niner JET 9 RDO in 27.5+

The 2017 Niner JET 9 RDO in 27.5+

2017 Niner RIP 9 RDO in 27.5+

2017 Niner RIP 9 RDO in 27.5+

More Info: Visit NinerBikes.com

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  1. Hi Jason, I had the previous Rip 9 rdo, it was a great bike but I sold it because of one problem. The lower link was using angular contact bearings and the hardware was always loosening…. then everything was a mess. Do you know if they still use angular contact bearings or did they come back with regular ones?

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