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With so many mountains and trails in close proximity to Salt Lake City, it’s no wonder mountain biking is so popular around here. But, as interest in DH and freeride-type trails has increased, so have scuffles with land managers and other trail users. Sometimes, our non-mountain biking brethren (equestrians and hikers), just don’t understand. And well, they may never understand just how fun it is to dawn the helmet and protective padding, then hurl yourself down a trail at breakneck speed on a squishy speed machine.

Adding to the mix is the desire to build stunts, ramps, and bridges within the flow of these trails, which just won’t fly with many other trail users. So, how do the freeride boys get their fix while maintaining the right balance with all trail users? Where can they legally build fun, challenging trails? The answer isn’t simple, but with one voice and many volunteers, good stuff is beginning to happen.

Wasatch Front Freeride and DH Trail Building - WAFTA

Introducing the Wasatch Area Freeride Trails Association

To that end, the Wasatch Area Freeride Trails Association or WAFTA was born and is now undertaking a couple of ambitious projects in conjunction with both Draper City and the City of Eagle Mountain.

If you’re interested in helping to build and maintain DH/Freeride bike trails along the Wasatch Front, or if you are just interested in helping out the cause, you can join WAFTA and participate in their monthly meetings and trail building projects.

More Info: Visit www.WAFTAUtah.com

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