Williams Cycling is successfully carving out their niche in the direct-to-consumer market. Their wheelsets and now growing array of components are hitting the market with great prices and excellent quality. With the recent addition of a modest saddle lineup, I was stoked to get aboard and see how my backside would appreciate their Endura SLC saddle.

Williams Endura SLC Saddle Features:

  • OCR – Ultra-light, strong, oversized carbon rails (7x9mm)
  • Flex-tuned carbon injected composite shell
  • Superlight foam padding
  • Imported Italian microfiber cover
  • CFD Contour Fit Design
  • Colors: Black (tested) or White
  • MSRP: $129

Williams Endura SLC Saddle Review

With the ultra-fast Felt F1 in the house, I’ve taken the opportunity to use it as a test mule. The Zipp Service Course SL 20 seatpost served as the foundation for the Endura SLC. This ultra-stiff post means business, so I could isolate the saddle.

Setting up the Endura SLC was simple as the seatpost clamps are compatible with the 7x9mm carbon rails. I initially set it up slightly nose-down from absolute level and ended up tilting it down a degree or two over the month of testing. The profile of the Endura SLC is narrow with a 125mm seat width and a long-ish, curved nose. The center relief channel aims to keep blood flowing to the nethermost regions and works in companion with the saddle’s padding for extra comfort.

The overall package of the Endura is outstanding at this price and simply can’t be matched with the usual suspects. The Italian microfiber cover, carbon shell and rails provide a pro-level look and feel. The muted, classic styling keeps things on the down low so your saddle doesn’t speak more than your riding.

As I’ve spent miles in the saddle, the foundation is nothing but superb. The smooth cover allows for easy movements around the saddle during rides. The narrow profile provides friction-free pedaling and yet still allows you to muscle it around on the descents.

I did find that while the saddle was comfortable overall, the 125mm seat width was too narrow for my body. I’m typically riding a 142mm saddle, so this one isn’t quite as wide as my butt would prefer. Saddles are personal, so Williams has their Demo Program so you can give this saddle a whirl on your own bike to decide for yourself.

The center relief channel does make a difference on long rides, but didn’t eliminate all numbness for me. I think the narrow width had something to do with that. With the extra length, I could move fore and aft as needed to extend my comfort on longer rides. Much of this can be attributed to the curved nose.

If you’re curious about carbon rails, I’d say they are certainly a worthy upgrade. While they do reduce weight, their primary benefits are vibration dampening and responsiveness. They provide a solid pedaling platform while providing a slightly smoother overall saddle feel. My butt certainly approves.

With the Endura SLC, you get a saddle that could be equally at home on the road as on the dirt. I only rode it on the pavement, but intend to give it a whirl over the coming months.

The Good

  • Fantastic quality
  • You can’t find a better saddle for the money
  • Carbon rails drop weight and add an extra dose of smoothness
  • Relief zone reduces numbness
  • Versatile enough for road or MTB use
  • Saddle demo program lets you try before you buy

The Bad

  • It’s a little narrow for my liking (I prefer a 143 ish)
  • I could benefit from a full cutout (testing the Aurora now)

The Bottom Line: Williams Endura SLC Saddle

Williams provides a killer value with their small saddle lineup. The Endura SLC is a versatile player that can be at home on the road or dirt. Be sure to take advantage of their demo program so you can find the proper fit… the 125mm width is a little narrow for me, but will suit many other riders. The top-notch cover, carbon shell and carbon rails make this an outstanding pickup at $129.

Buy Now: Visit WilliamsCycling.com

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