Clif Shot Hot Chocolate and Hot Cider DrinksIt was the last day of Outdoor Retailer’s show and I was cruising past the Clif booth. I had to stop in to see what’s new as Clif has been one of my favorite energy bar companies for years. I even read and enjoyed “Raising the Bar” which is the story about Gary Erikson the founder of Clif Bar. However, it seems that recently Clif is spending more time developing and marketing their drinks and shot blocks than the bars that put them on the map.

So I figured I’d try the newest flavor of drink and was surprised to find out that two of the new drinks from Clif are Hot Apple Cider electrolyte drink and the Hot Chocolate recovery drink. It was one of those “I shoulda thought of that” moments that confirms they may have hit a home run.

Often times in the winter as I leave home in the wee hours of the morning I’ll tote along a thermos of hot tea, cider or chocolate which I know will hit the spot when the sun is getting ready to rise and I find myself nearing the summit of a peak. Hydration is key when backcountry skiing before work as I do and in the crisp cold of the morning a hot drink in the skin track not only warms the soul it makes for smiles all around your group. To think I can add electrolytes or protein-enhanced positives to the mix is a bonus!

Hot Apple Cider

In keeping true to Clif’s responsibility to excellence in product the Hot Apple Cider contains 97% organic ingredients. Organic evaporated cane juice leads things off with sea salt and potassium to help your body with electrolyte replacement. And get this, it tastes good without the sugary after taste of most cider drinks that originate from a powder. I can’t wait to test this in the field after a couple hours of climbing/skinning in the mountains.

Hot Chocolate

I have to admit that as I brought the sample of this hot chocolate to my lips I was skeptical that it would taste remotely close to the Stephen’s Hot Chocolate that I prefer come wintertime. Although it wasn’t quite as rich I was surprised. So much so that I went for seconds. With 87% organic ingredients and one again, sea salt and potassium to assist in electrolyte replacement. I’m calling this drink a hut trip favorite even before this winters hut trip is planned.

We’ll see if the love fest continues when I put these two hot drinks to the test this winter. My ski touring partners will either be the lucky recipients or the unlucky guinea pigs.

Although this new drink isn’t available yet, be sure to keep your eye on the Clif Bar website and pick some up once they go live.

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