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Yes, the enviro-friendly bandwagon. Well, I really don’t think it’s a bandwagon anymore–it’s more of a reality of the world we live in. We all must be better stewards and be more aware of our impact on the environment. I don’t want to get into a global warming debate here other than regardless of what you believe, positive change that takes better care of the environment should be a no-brainer for everyone.

Enter Nau. Built on a philosophy to produce environmentally-friendly clothing for outdoor enthusiasts. Based in Portland, Oregon with store locations in Portland, Seattle, Boulder and Chicago, these guys are serious about sustainability and environmentally-friendly materials and production processes. They are also serious about their gear and haven’t cut any corners just to make it eco-friendly. They use high-quality recycled materials and natural wool fibers in all their outerwear to maintain the right level of comfort, function and style while being good stewards at the same time.

Nau Asylum Jacket in Action

Check out the Nau Asylum Jacket

This jacket is as technical as it gets with a three-layer, full-stretch waterproof/breathable fabric and all the bells and whistles you’d expect from a bomber backcountry shell. The overall design is proven and nondescript without any flashy logos or color schemes to scream “hey, look at me… I’m a hip jibber, flippy, spinny dude!” No, the Nau Asylum is about efficiently getting the job done with the most eco-friendly processes possible.

The trick is their use of post-consumer and post-industrial polyester waste instead of virgin petroleum. Nau also states that the Asylum Jacket can be recycled down the road to further extend its usable life and reduce it’s environmental impact. To me, the environmental impact is important, but it can’t sacrifice function or style. In that regard the jacket looks stellar with subdued single-color styles and the technical features look to be there for sure.

Nau Asylum Jacket

Here are a few features of the Nau Asylum Jacket

  • 100% recycled polyester fabric using Tejin ECOCIRCLE technology
  • Waterproof/breathable shell fabric with full-stretch “softshell” feel
  • Three-layer construction with brushed interior and matte exterior
  • Snap collar with tricot lining for chin comfort
  • Helmet-compatible integrated hood
  • Waterproof front zipper with front hand pockets and pit/core zips
  • Removable powder skirt for deep days
  • Extended interior pockets that are built to carry skins, gloves or water bottles with ease (nice feature!)
  • Built-in mp3/cell phone pocket with cord routing loops

The Nau Asylum Jacket retails for $398.00, but is currently on sale for $198.50 (as of publish date).
More Info: Visit www.nau.com to buy the Nau Asylum Jacket

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