TREW Technical Outerwear to Launch with RV Tour


I have no idea what their outerwear will look like, but I’m intrigued by the philosophy. Their goal is to provide highly-technical and functional outerwear for backcountry skiing and other demanding outdoor pursuits. It’s a pretty small niche, but if they nail it, that same niche is also very loyal.

I’m interested to see the fabrics that will be used and the overall function and design of these jackets and pants. An email to their PR contact yielded minimal information at this time. Hopefully I can get the scoop at Outdoor Retailer in January. For now, you and I will just have to wait until their Web site launches or look for the TREW RV to roll into town. It’s actually pretty surprising that this is the first I’ve heard of TREW, but sometimes I’m late to the party eh? Here’s to TREW crashing the outerwear industry’s current party.

More Info from TREW

A love for the mountains, passion for the sport, and a need for technical, yet stylish outerwear set three guys on a mission to create the ultimate outerwear collection for the true rider. The true rider being the person who loves first tracks, knows the meaning of earning their turns, and has fun “gettin’ ‘er done” on and off the mountain. Tripp Frey, John and Chris Pew are proud to announce the creation of TREW and its inaugural TREW Tour.

TREW’s premier men’s collection consists of three jackets and two pants, each available in three colorways. The collection re-invents classic pieces with updated colors, technologies and fits. TREW will also be offering hoodies, tees and beanies in addition to its core outerwear. The price points will range from $30.00 to $479.00 and will be available at independent retail shops throughout the country.

Tripp, John and Chris are Hood River transplants by way of Michigan and North Carolina and will be touring the U.S. and Canada to formally launch TREW, share the brand’s philosophy and have some fun. A customized TREW RV, complete with solar panels, will be traveling throughout the U.S. starting in December and ending whenever the snow melts. The three of them intend to visit snow destinations in British Columbia, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wyoming.

Each stop will be unique to its own; however, each stop will include product previews, giveaways, barbeques, beverages, visits to the local pubs, and of course riding.  TREW will also be meeting with local retailers to present the collection throughout their journey.  Information and updates about the TREW Tour will be posted continuously on TREW’s website

Be sure to keep an eye out for the TREW RV in your town; if you see it, stop by and say hi.  To learn more about TREW or the TREW Tour please check out:

About TREW

The TREW customer is first on the tram and knows what it means to earn their turns in the backcountry.  He is friends with the locals wherever he goes and knows that being TREW means being who you are and doing what you love; and above all having fun.  Trends come and go, but the fun of being on the mountain with friends remains a TREW constant.  TREW provides men’s outerwear that combines the technicality and comfort needed to stay on the mountain from sun-up to sun-down while adding style to take you into the night.  Founded in 2008 by Tripp Frey and Chris and John Pew, TREW price points range from $30.00 to $479.00 and will be sold though a network of independent
retail shops through out the country.

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  1. Hi Jason!

    Tom told me to check out your website, and it looks great!
    Well, I just wanted to recommend you the new VASO glove. It’s a heated glove liner, and maybe something to feature on the site.

    Hope to see you again soon!


  2. Hey Jason,

    We are stoked that you are intrigued by our mission here at TREW gear. I am not suprised that you havent heard of us, we’ve been keeping our plans Top Secret until we had all our little duckies in a row, and now we are jumping on the scene with an aggressive grassroots marketing campaign to attempt to really connect to the people who demand our type of gear: fully technical and really rad.
    We are in Bozeman, MT on the tour right now and we just caught the opening of Bridger Bowl. We scored sick lines on the ridge and our gear was met with lots of enthusiasm by the local shredders.

    Shoot me an email, and I will quench your curious thirst for an insider look at the 09/10 TREW catalog.

    Be TREW,


    [email protected]

  3. Yo John

    Glad to hear things are going as planned and that you got to score at Bridger! I’m totally jealous as I’ve not quite been able to slip out this season yet. Hopefully the storms that are lined up will change that.

    I’ve got an appointment to meet with you at OR in January, but a sneak peak before then would be great also. I’ll shoot you a line.

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