Voile Insane 183 cm Backcountry Fat Skis


Swinging by Voile USA, I saw a pair of fat skis that caught my eye. The Voile Insane 183cm ski is fat and light–perfect for backcountry touring (A/T or Tele) in the Rockies and Western USA. These skis are made right here in Salt Lake City with love, not overseas. I like that.

After a quick chat with Mark from Voile, I’m stoked on these skis. Their dimensions in the 183cm length are: 150 / 109 / 140. That solid 109 cm waist will provide the float needed under all backcountry conditions, while the sidecut will still make the skis perform inbounds or on spring corn.

The core is constructed of aspen wood from Michigan with layers of carbon and fiberglass for stiffness. The base is sintered for long-lasting durability. They felt super light and were torsionally stiff with a medium flex–great for all conditions in the backcountry. And, one of the best parts of the Voile Insane 183cm ski is the price: $525 per pair.

Voile Insane 183cm Skis – Fall 2008

Here’s a sneak preview of these skis set to be introduced for Fall 2008.

2008 Voile Insane Backcountry Fat Skis

I’m hoping to be able to swing a test pair before the season is through. If so, look for a review soon.

More Info: Visit VoileUSA.com

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