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This year was filled with many miles and adventures galore. Taking photos without a photography staff has its challenges. Most of the time, we are masters of the “trailside selfie” and occasionally, we snap something special. They may not be poster-worthy, but we like ’em.

Early-season Alpine Loop

On April 28, the road to the top of American Fork Canyon’s Alpine Loop was clear, but still closed to vehicles. This “golden season” represents the most amazing time of the year on the most amazing high-alpine roads in the state. This early-season shot has everything that makes this road so great — snow on Mt. Timpanogos in the background, thick aspen trees, a fast bike (Factor O2 Disc) and weather nice enough not to be bundled up.

Alpine Loop Aboard the Factor O2 Disc

An early-season Alpine Loop ascent is always sublime.

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