Whoa. Wait a second. Connected ski boots? For realz!?!? Yes, indeed, as Mark Andreessen said in 2011, software is indeed eating the world — even the world at your local ski hill. Ahead of the tradeshow season, Atomic is releasing their smart ski boots. Built into their highly-popular Hawx Ultra, this new connected technology puts sensors into the boots and connects them to a mobile app for analysis.

Atomic Hawx Ultra Connected Ski Boots

These boots will soon be ordering you pizza at the lodge.

The Hawx Connected liner is fitted with sensors that provide immediate analysis and feedback on turn quality, balance, pressure control, edging and more. Plus, it’s integrated into Suunto Movesense for further analysis and GPS tracking that includes speed, vertical, runs, etc.

Atomic Connected App

Bend zee kneez, five dollars pleez.

Taking things over the top, the Hawx Connected ski boots will also tell you when your legs are cooked and you should head to the lodge. In fact, it will automatically order your favorite beverage and food — all integrated with your chosen on-hill payment service. Err… just kidding. But, someday, my friends. Someday. 

Pricing has yet to be announced, but with the standard Atomic Hawx Ultra coming in at $699, I’m guessing these will be $150-$200 more perhaps (~$899). But, the onboard coaching and analysis is unique on the market (for now) and could prove to be a valuable tool for incremental gains on the slopes. Now if only the boots could just be put into “Ligety Mode,” and do the turning for us.

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