While black-on-black bikes will remain, it’s way more fun to see a bit of well-done color. Granted, these bright machines can be a bit polarizing but we can all agree that all-black bikes do get monotonous. Here are just a few of the beautiful bikes I saw at Interbike 2017.

BH G7 Disc

This is not a new frame, but it now comes in a new traffic cone orange color. We reviewed the G7 Disc earlier this year and found it to be a pure race machine but with an adventurous side. Without question, this was the hottest bike color on the show floor. Visit BHBikes.com

2018 BH G7 Disc

For 2018, look for the traffic cone orange BH G7 Disc.

Cervélo R3 Disc

It’s simple but boy is the new bright yellow Cervélo R3 Disc something special. With an all-new frame built around the classic geometry of the renowned R3, the new R3 Disc will be one of the most sought-after all-rounders heading into 2018. Visit Cervelo.com

2018 Cervélo R3 Disc Yellow

Bright yellow and black looks killer on the R3 Disc.

2018 Cervélo R3 Disc

A huge downtube with pencil-thin stays are hallmarks of the R3.

Cervélo C3/C5

When the C3/C5 was introduced, everyone praised the bike’s road and gravel manners. Without question, the platform was a hit, but the colors were a serious whiff — hurting sales of an otherwise stellar bike. Now, the range features one of several three-tone color options that, I think, hit the mark. With 32mm tire clearance, the C3/C5 can be ridden on all roads with confidence. Visit Cervelo.com

2018 Cervelo C3

The 2018 Cervélo C3/C5 feature brighter, bolder color schemes.

2018 Cervelo C5

The C5 in black/neon is much classier than the outgoing color scheme — by a country mile.

Focus Izalco Max

This longstanding model in the Focus lineup is receiving a Freestyle Design makeover that will turn heads. Colors galore will be standard for the 2018 race-focused Izalco Max. And, for reference, the Cayo is now rebadged as the Izalco for 2018. Visit Focus-Bikes.com

2018 Focus Izalco Max

The Freestyle Design of the Izalco Max will stand out from the crowd.

Focus Mares

For CX, bold colors are a little more common, but the Freestyle Design for the new Mares will be even more eye-catching. Jeremy Powers will continue riding this model throughout the season and now you can hit the starting line with a bit of extra flare. Visit Focus-Bikes.com

2018 Focus Mares

Stand out on the cross course with the new Focus Mares.

Wilier Treistina Cento10Air

The Italians are always known for their obsession for bright, shiny things. From sports cars to bikes, aesthetics and function are everything. Wilier is no stranger to competition, but their colors had admittedly gotten a little overcooked in recent years. For 2018, that’s changing in a big way throughout the line and the new Cento10Air is a great example of that. Shown here in chrome blue and yellow, it’s also offered in the classic bronze Ramato color. Visit Wilier.com

2018 Wilier Cento10Air

Wilier is going all-in on shiny bits with the Cento10Air stealing the show.


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