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NOTE: Actually, is dead. It’s since been rolled under’s site. 

The guys at have gone too far this time. I had heard rumblings that this day would arrive. As I was out on a solo road ride this morning taking in the excellent spring riding conditions on the Mirror Lake Highway, it felt good to be in the saddle again on this familiar strip of black. Things felt in sync, normal, just like yesterday did. Then I arrived at the office and in my inbox was the bombshell – is live!

In the words of Andrew Bird and his catchy song “Opposite Day”: Today was supposed to be just another day…

What is Chainlove?

Chainlove is what I have and likely what you have. It’s why I get ornery when I don’t ride and why I feel “normal” when I do. And I’m certain that Chainlove will be last straw for my already weak wallet. You see, like it’s big brother, will feature smoking deals on the best bike gear, back to back all day long.

“Chainlove is for bike junkies,” said John Thomas, Manager of the Bike Merchandise Division at “Our goal is to pass along killer deals to obsessive compulsive bike-ophiles – people whose happiness is directly related to whether or not they ride on any given day, people who spend inordinate amounts of cash on bike gear, but who shouldn’t. Really, when you think about it, these huge discounts are saving marriages and feeding children, and that, in our book, is a good thing.”

While I can’t agree that is going to save my marriage once I start folding under the pressure like a cube of butter on hot asphalt, I know that it’ll give me ammo for why I “need” that new seat post, jersey, shoes, etc when they show up via Brown Santa on my doorstep. Layout

If you’ve seen SAC you’ll be familiar with the large product photo front and center, the detailed specs and shockingly low price on the right side. Unlike SAC it gives you the number of each product that remains, lending to further gear contemplation and rationalization. - Site image from launch day with the Chainlove logo

So far today they’ve been blowing through the gear so fast I’ve hardly had the chance to make my move on anything. I guess I need to install one of their alerts so I can get the 411 before the rest of you bike junkies get your greedy little hands on all the deals.

Good luck getting any work done today. It’s certainly not going to be just another day.

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  1. why do I have to learn of “Chainlove” from a bike chat website? NOT from “Backcountry” ??

    Another benefit of doing most of my shopping / relying on internatioal bike shops.

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