Now, more than ever, consumers are looking for the best value. But, while our grandparents were shopping from the Sears Roebuck catalog with “Good, Better or Best” options, we now have carbon fiber trail bikes shipping to our doors that are available in “Amazing, Amazing-er, and More Amazing-er” options. The current DTC front-runners, in our estimation, are Canyon, YT and Fezzari. Each one is 100% founded on the premise of shipping bikes to your door that are custom fit, tuned up and ready to ride.

At this point, the 130mm trail bike market is what I’d call the sweet spot. Most shorter travel bikes lack the burliness for aggressive terrain and longer travel bikes are heavy and slow. As brand new platforms for 2020, the Canyon Neuron and YT IZZO are squaring off for trail bike duty. Honestly, they look Goldilocks for the type of riding we will typically see every day. Both are available with awesome builds for $2999 (Izzo) or $3199 (Neuron).

YT Izzo Comp

The IZZO Comp is an affordable $2999.


YT Industries is well-known for their long-travel rigs, but has now introduced a true trail bike — the IZZO. Sporting an even 130mm aboard a full-carbon frame, this new bike is built to rip the local trails with panache. Of course, it’s decked out with a dropper post and, in Comp guise, shifting is delivered with SRAM NX Eagle. It’s rounded out by a RaceFace Aeffect cockpit and Fox suspension. It does feature a flip chip to modify the head and seat angles by 0.5 degrees. And, best of all, the YT IZZO Comp  comes in at $2999.

We are still working with YT on obtaining an IZZO review bike. 

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2020 Canyon Neuron CF 8.0

2020 Canyon Neuron CF 8.0 is $3199.

Canyon Neuron CF 8.0

The all-new Neuron platform is built around almost the same spec as the Izzo. It’s got a dropper post and shifting is delivered by the ultra-capable SRAM GX Eagle groupset. Squish is also delivered by Fox, with the Float 34 Rhythm doing the front-end duties (just like the Izzo). Maxxis Forekaster 2.35’s are also spec’d here. One nice thing about the Neuron is the low water bottle placement for a lower center-of-gravity. The Neuron CF 8.0 hits the shelves at an affordable $3199. And, for an even lower price point, Canyon offers the Neuron in alloy.

We should have our hands on the Neuron soon and anticipate a review sometime in late 2020. 

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  1. Emile Nossin on

    Shifting on the Izzo is not delivered with GX Eagle, but with NX Eagle in the Comp guise. Interesting to see that the Izzo Comp is cheaper in the US compared to the Neuron CF 8.0, here in Europe it’s the opposite. The Neuron CF 8.0 is about 600 USD cheaper here.

  2. the title of the article is a “trail battle” yet the article does nothing more than describe the bikes as if it were merely copied from the manufacturers websites. Waste of an article which takes the reader nowhere and provides no new information about the bikes.

    • Thanks for the comment, Rick. Yes, I agree that this could imply that there was a head-to-head review of both bikes, but unfortunately, we’re in a global pandemic and supply chains aren’t what anyone thought they would be at this point. The plan still is to get both of these bikes in for review, but it may be a few months out due to lack of availability still.

  3. Understood, but why start the article with “trail battle”. I too am considering these two steads and this article doesn’t tell me anything I already know, in fact, it’s a bit misleading in the title and given the incorrect SRAM group on the YT.

    • Yup… I get it. Sorry for misleading, as that was not the intent. It was intended to compare the two ahead of a real review. The Neuron CF will be in for review in the coming weeks and YT is way behind on the Izzo (combo of supply chain and demand issues), but hopefully we’ll have that one in the next 6 months.

      And… it does appear that YT has changed from GX to NX groupset on that particular build kit. Or, it was a typo on my part. We apologize because either could have happened.

  4. Hi Jason, did you get to ride them both?
    What are your thoughts?
    I am looking at these 2 bikes (well, the YT Izzo Comp and the CANYON Neuron CF7, which for 2021 is pretty much the same spec as the 2020 CF8) and at the FEZZARI Delano Peak… trying to decide on one of them.

  5. As you know, global bike supplies are very tight. Both bikes are still pending arrival. I wish I could say otherwise, but there’s not much I can do at this point. I may be able to get on a Delano Peak since they are nearby, but the YT is looking more and more like a long shot. The Neuron should come later this spring. Again, I apologize to you and others who have come to this page expecting reviews.

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