Coming in from Minnesota and building bikes they want to ride, Otso Cycles is taking their steel gravel bike to the titaniumsphere. The new Otso Warakin Ti is essentially the steel Warakin, but built with beautiful, seamless, butted 3Al-2.5V B338 grade 9 titanium. What does that mean? Well, it means lighter weight, unsurpassed ride quality and a lifetime of smiles.

Titanium bikes are often touted as a “lifetime bikes” and with good reason. Titanium is super-durable and always beautiful. The bike will be outfitted with a finishing kit from sister company, Wolf Tooth Components.

Otso Warakin Ti Force eTap AXS Complete

Complete build with SRAM Force eTap AXS (Price TBA).

The important question is always tire clearance. This from Otso spells it all out:

“If a bike is meant to ride any road in any condition, it needs to fit tires and wheels that will get you to and from your destination, while handling every bump along the way. The massive tire clearance of the Warakin Ti was built with this in mind. It’ll fit 29″ x 2.1″ (in the rearmost Tuning Chip position) for that road that doesn’t actually appear on the map, just as easily as 650b x 50mm for tight forest trails, or 700c x 35mm for your next gravel ride. Because a frame that can last forever needs to have the ability to adapt to whatever the road (and the future) may bring.”

With a good amount of stack and short-ish reach numbers, the Warakin Ti will be easy-to-please on the fit and all-day comfort front. And, that titanium goodness will pay dividends after mile 50 when the smoothness will be greatly appreciated. Just a couple of funky nuances I’ll point out are the 100x15mm thru axle in the front (instead of 100x12mm) and the floating flat mount adapter. 15mm thru axles are common on mountain bike wheels, but not always on gravel wheels and that floating rear brake adapter isn’t as sexy as an integrated flat mount. Again, nitpicks, but something to point out.

The X-factor here is the unique Tuning Chip that allows you to customize the ride feel and accommodate different tire sizes. With a 420mm chainstay length, the Warakin Ti will ride like a zippy road bike, but extend it out and you can braaaaap your way into some technical terrain with large 2.1″ 29er knobbies.

Otso Warakin Ti Specs:

  • 3Al/2.5V B338 grade 9 seamless titanium
  • External cable routing
  • 15mm thru axle Lithic fork
  • 160mm flat mount standard
  • Tuning Chip rear dropout with 20mm wheelbase adjustability (420-440mm)
  • Clearance: 700×2.1″ or 650b x 50c
  • Sizes: 49, 52, 54, 56, 58 and 60cm
  • Frame Weight: 1542 g – 54cm
  • Fork Weight: 490 g
  • Frame Cost: $2800
  • Complete Builds: $3950 for GRX mechanical
Otso Warakin Ti Frameset

The glory of 3Al/2.5V B338 grade 9 titanium.

Warakin Ti Geometry Chart

Capable geometry for adventures.

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