“Soft, flexible body armor? Nah, it can’t be protective.” That’s what you’d think, but the rampant success of G-Form’s body protection proves otherwise. I’ve seen and used G-Form’s knee pads and the fit and function is downright impressive. At Bike PressCamp in Deer Valley, I sat down with the G-Form crew and got caught up on what’s new and what’s not new (but still equally awesome).

At the core of G-Form is their patented Reaction Protection Technology™ which hardens on impact. The stuff is nutty because you can push it, squish it, flex it and generally bend it all around, but when you hit it with a sudden impact, it hardens up to block and slowly absorb the hit. Blocks of RPT padding are strategically-placed to ensure freedom-of-movement and overall rider comfort while still delivering superb protection.

Check out the following video from G-Form athlete, Tracy Moseley, about the new Elite knee guards.

Elite Knee Guards Offer CE Level 1 Certification

Upping the protection game, the Elite Knee Guard takes the Pro-X from CE certification to CE Level 1 certification that’s acceptable for motorcycle use. Riders are pushing the limits of their bodies and it’s nice to know that enhanced protection is available without feeling clunky on the trails, enduro course or lift-access riding.

G-Form Elite Knee Guard

Pro-X on the left and the CE Level 1 certified Elite Knee Guard on the right.

Regardless of whether you go opt for the lighter Pro-X or step up to the Elite, weekend warriors and pro riders alike can get out and enjoy the ride without worrying if they’ll need to tap into that Aflac policy. Granted, don’t let the pads give you Kodak Courage, but just know that if you do go down, you’ve got extensive protection keeping you as safe as possible.

Not shown are the Elite Elbow Guards with the same CE Level 1 certification but for your elbows.

G-Form Elite Knee Guard

The Elite Knee Guard with enhanced RPT technology is CE Level 1 certified.

G-Form Elite Knee Guard

The sleeve features flat lock seams and mesh on the back for added breathability.

Their pads have many great benefits and look cool enough to even please younger riders who don’t want to look like a dork (believe me, as a Dad, I’ve heard it all). The soft sleeves are comfortable and the whole thing is machine-washable without worries — something that’s not possible with hard shell designs. In fact, the G-Form crew shared a story of a lift-accessed bike park who switched from having to store their rental armor outside because it smelled so bad to being able to properly wash and store all their armor without the need of nose plugs and Lysol.

In addition, G-Form protection is not only being used by mountain bikers of all levels, but other athletes as well from MLB stars to soccer players and more. It’s a unique product that works across many disciplines.

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