Gravel Dreams: Safari Porsche and a Cannondale Slate


You’ve been there. A twisting gravel road in the woods, on a mountainside or in the rolling desert. You’ve thought to yourself, “I wish I had my bike right now.” Gravel bikes are all the rage and with good reason. Some might argue that it’s the latest bike industry gimmick to get us to buy bikes, which, quite possibly could be true. However, there’s much more to all-road bikes than other recent trends like fat bikes, Boost spacing and press-fit bottom brackets.

Gravel riding is freedom and gravel bikes can take you there in a way that’s not been possible in the past. Drop bar bikes have had limited tire clearance until disc brakes and the latest gravel bikes are efficient and fast in ways that mountain bikes just aren’t.

This video from Cannondale highlights a modified 1989 Porsche ripping through the Michigan backcountry with a Slate Force 1 on top. The Safari Porsche and Cannondale Slate both deliver smiles and freedom on gravel roads in ways that resonate with all of us.

All I want to do now is grab my bike and ride on that exact road in the middle of nowhere. Thanks for the inspiration, Cannondale!

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