Ground Wear Raises the Bar by Utilizing eVENT Fabrics


Ground™, manufacturer of individualistic, highly technical apparel for the multi-sport lifestyle, raises the outdoor industry’s technical standards by utilizing eVENT fabric technology extensively through its 2005 product line.

The US Army’s Natick tests of waterproof-breathable laminates reported that eVENT fabric, a patented ePTFE-based membrane produced and marketed by BHA Technologies, Inc. proved to be the most breathable of all materials tested, averaging twice the breathability of its closest competitor. Testing included the likes of Gore-Tex XCR®, Sympatex®, and various other waterproof-breathable fabrics. “As a premium, technical brand, ground sought to utilize today’s top technologies to create our high-end apparel line,” stated ground’s CEO, Tucker Hacking. “After reviewing the government’s Natick testing we were sold on using eVENT fabric to achieve the technical pinnacle in our soft shell, hard shell and down product categories.”

What differentiates eVENT fabric technology from other ePTFE-based waterproof-breathable laminates?

Open-pored ePTFE membranes have been used in waterproof apparel applications for over 25 years. But they have been used in a “bi-component” fashion that covered the open pores with a layer of polyurethane (PU). This PU layer reduced inherent breathability by inhibiting the free escape of perspiration vapor. The eVENT fabric approach is different and avoids the use of that polyurethane layer. Explains Vishal Bansal, Director of Product Development for eVENT fabrics: “Rather than take an open-pore membrane and turn it into a closed-pore laminate, our patented process lets us retain the natural venting ability of all those microscopic pores.”

For ground this technological advantage provides the ideal laminate for high-energy activities like mountaineering, skiing, running and cycling where perspiration management is crucial to end-user enjoyment. ground’s designer Luke Pezzimenti has worked extensively with the eVENT fabric team to improve performance apparel fabrications.

“For example, when I started to talk to the folks at eVENT we discussed the fact that with both soft shell technologies and hard shell technologies there is always a trade-off between water protection and breathability. A seesaw really – as the performance of one goes up, the performance of the other goes down. Pezzimenti continued, “eVENT brought us a fabric that delivered not only water resistance that rivals the worlds greatest taped hard shell technologies but also a fabric that possessed breathability that rivals the worlds greatest soft shell technologies.”

The performance advantage of wearing a highly breathable, protective eVENT® jacket has already proved itself in the field. ground’s™ athlete, Lhawang Dhondup, summated Mt. Everest in ground’s™ eVENT® Pyrite Suit, the suit was specifically designed for the monumental nine hour summit record expedition. According to Lewang the suit performed perfectly during this successful climb.

About Ground Wear

Established in 2002, and headquartered in Emeryville, California, just across the bay from San Francisco, ground’s belief is simple: champion the individual, stand out, and be counted. Utilizing the most technical materials and fabrication methods available, ground treats each of its products as a technological and stylistic showcase, allowing them to speak for themselves. It’s about pushing your limits and finding yourself. It’s about getting grounded! Discover more about ground at

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  1. Just a quick update here. eVent Fabrics have really taken off in recent years, but they are still facing challenges of reaching consumers because many top-notch manufacturers are tied at the hip with W.L. Gore. It’s hard to break those contracts, but at some point consumers need to demand better technology in waterproof/breathable outerwear.

    We have tested GoreTex XCR and Pro Shell next to eVent and it’s not even close. eVent jackets typically are built without pit zips because you don’t need them. When you get to the top of the skintrack in an eVent jacket, you have no perspiration buildup inside the shell. Whereas with GoreTex, you’ve got all kinds of buildup. The stuff just plain works!

    In a recent news release at Outdoor Retailer Winter Market 2008, REI announced that they will be utilizing eVent Fabrics for a new line of technical outerwear for Fall 2008. Look for more information and hopefully a product review shortly!

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