Heading into US CX Nationals, Powers and Hyde are Favorites


This weekend marks the annual United States Cyclocross National Championship in Asheville, NC and will feature the our country’s two most dominant riders: Jeremy Powers and Stephen Hyde. When the rope drops and hearts immediately push to redline, both Powers and Hyde will let it all hang out in a balls-to-the-wall battle royale.

In Episode 2 of “The Book of Cross,” Powers shows more about his love for the sport, how he’s evolved and why he’s more selective about his race schedule. He also shows his playful side as he romps through a sandpit on his Focus Mares in an attempt to mimmic course conditions in Europe.

As his apprentice in some ways, Hyde trains with Powers and follows in his footsteps, but has also beat him just recently. On Sunday, a classic battle will commence, but for now we can enjoy this fun look into the lives of these phenomenal athletes.

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