Hi Lo Cali: From Badwater Basin to White Mountain


The evolution of drop bar bikes is opening up the minds of riders everywhere and inspiring them to tackle big, gnarly adventures. Take this one, for example. Riding almost 200 miles from the lowest point of Death Valley at 278 ft below sea level all the way to the top of White Mountain Peak at a whopping 14,252 ft. Of course, any road has its ups and downs, so the total elevation gain is over 24,000 ft.

These three riders documented the whole adventure — from 100 degree temps down to 30 degrees and everything in-between. They go from rolling pavement to rock-filled hike-a-bike sections during the course of 30 hours in the saddle. This is bonkers stuff and an incredible accomplishment.

Hi Lo Cali Video

The brutal realization that this is hard.

An incredible 30 hours on a bike with plenty of mixed roads.

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  1. Very cool video. I have to ask, why do people going through deserts wear black? It’s insane, even in the winter.

    • Good point. Yeah, there are many jerseys which are still cooling even though they are black. Coolblack is one type I’ve seen. But, I agree with you on that. Lighter jerseys are better in the heat.

      These guys, however, were battling a variety of temperatures and I don’t think it was that hot during the day the time of year they did this.

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