Campagnolo prides themselves in the precision of their drivetrains. Those who ride Campagnolo tend to be a passionate bunch and will accept nothing else. After riding the new Campagnolo Potenza 11 Disc groupset this year, it’s easy to see why.

Over the past few weeks, Campagnolo has been teasing us with what seemed like a watch or cycling computer maybe, but, as it turns out, it was Campagnolo’s foray into performance cycling apparel.

From their product release:

“Just as with the components and wheels it produces, the Italian brand’s clothing follows a “performance first” philosophy. From the top to the bottom of the range fabrics, design elements and specific technologies are incorporated to ensure comfort and efficiency, leading to competitive advantages come race day. With specially selected materials to confer aerodynamic advantages, anatomic cut to ensure an aero yet comfortable fit, and highly flexible fabrics that allow for extreme freedom of movement while incorporating compression elements to keep riders fresh it is evident that the design team took the Campagnolo dedication to improving the cycling experience Seriously.”

The initial product line is focused on items that will be used during the middle of the season, so jerseys, bibs, socks, vests, light jackets, arm warmers, gloves and casual wear. We imagine that in the future, the line will also include cold-weather gear. The colors are clean with modern lines. Expect traditional European race fit on these.

Campagnolo Platino Jersey

The Platino Jersey is race-optimized for aero and comfort.

Campagnolo Magnesio Bibs

A close-up of the detail on the Magnesio Bibs.

Key Features of Campagnolo Apparel:

  • Quality fabrics with antimicrobial treatments
  • Triple-thread seams
  • Anti-abrasion fabrics on contact points
  • Zip garages
  • Designed to “wear in, not wear out”
  • Initial line will include full warm-weather kits (jerseys, bibs, light jackets/vests, arm warmers, gloves and socks)
  • Both men’s and women’s
  • Available Spring 2018

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