Kit DesLauriers First to Ski Decend from all Seven Summits


Growing up, I vividly remember brothers, Rob and Eric DesLauriers skiing for Warren Miller. They are up there with Scot Schmidt, Glen Plake, Mike Hattrup, Tom Day and the other ski heroes of the day. They did things on super-skinny skis that still blows your mind. As it turns out, Rob DesLauriers would eventually marry and he would watch and help as his wife, Kit, ski-descend from the tops of the seven summits–a world’s first.

Kit DesLauriers - First to Ski Descend all Seven Summits

I’ve known of Kit’s ski mountaineering and big mountain skiing prowess for a long time, but until I read the following article on, I had no idea she was that ambitious, nor quite that accomplished. What she has done is nothing short of amazing. She is tough and gritty, but smart and calculated–she realizes the risks as well as the returns. Check out the full article on her accomplishments on and you’ll appreciate with Kit DesLauriers has done even more. Truly a class act.

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