Back-to-school doesn’t necessarily mean “back to school”, but for those who are you have my condolences. For those of us who are not, it’s time to look closely at that beat up and useless backpack you haul back and forth to work or up and down the mountain. Is it the same Jansport pack you overused in college? Does it lack enough storage for a quick business trip?  No laptop sleeve? Worse yet… does it smell of bunghole (thanks Beavis)?

Mountain Hardwear's Pack-a-Day Give-a-Way Contest

If so, search around over at for a new backpack, or check out Mountain Hardwear’s Pack-a-Day Give-a-Way where you have a chance to win a pack every day between now and September 17. All it takes is a name (hope you have one) and email address (you’ve got mail) and you are entered to win.

Today’s pack is the Mountain Hardwear Sachel, but it changes every day, so check back often.

Enter to Win: Visit

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