Now in Technicolor: Wahoo ELEMNT ROAM


If bigger is better, then Technicolor is certainly better as well. Wahoo thinks so and the result is the all-new ELEMNT ROAM with a large, 2.7″ color display. We’ve been thoroughly impressed with the Wahoo ELEMNT BOLT during the past two seasons of use. Not once has it failed me after hundreds of rides — not once. I’m knocking on wood here because maybe I’m jinxing my next ride, but Wahoo has it dialed in every way and the new ELEMNT ROAM steps everything up.

To go along with the light-sensing color display, the ELEMNT ROAM boasts 17+ hours of battery life, which makes it suitable for multi-day adventures even if power is not available at the end of the day. With that display, Wahoo has added advanced navigation with route re-routing features, route re-tracing, and many more navigation tools.

After several years of use, Wahoo’s companion iOS app is hands-down the easiest-to-use and most robust of all the smartphone apps I’ve tried. It’s clean, intuitive and allows quick device customization. The ROAM does require its own out front mount that provides proper clearance for this larger device (BOLT mounts won’t work). However, if you have a K-Edge or other aftermarket mount, it should fit this unit.


Customize the display quickly and easily with the companion app.


Routes and navigation come to life with added guidance features.

The ELEMNT ROAM is available now for $379.99.

Buy Now: Available at

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