Patagonia 2018/19 Snow Collection: Sustainable, Repairable


We all have that favorite jacket that’s gotten a little worse for the wear. It may have duct tape or fabric patches or perhaps the seams have disintegrated. Patagonia certainly wants to sell you a new one, but they are equally as happy repairing the one you have — saving on waste and keeping garments out of our landfills.

For 2018/2019, the Patagonia Snow Collection features nearly 80% post-consumer, recycled materials that are all backed by Patagonia’s lifetime warranty and function as good or better than the materials they are replacing.

Patagonia Adds: “For the the Fall 2018/2019 season, our range of snow garments built with recycled materials continues to increase, diverting about 215,000 pounds of factory scraps and plastic bottles from the waste stream and into the snow gear we build. In total, nearly 80%  of Patagonia’s snow collection is now built with recycled fabrics. And we continue to streamline our designs, making every Patagonia Snow garment easy to repair, because the longer a piece of clothing lasts, the smaller its impact on the environment.”

For example, the new Powder Bowl Jacket uses 2-layer recycled Gore-Tex material that’s an industry-first — delivering guaranteed waterproof performance and breathability.

Patagonia Powder Bowl jacket

Can you spot the 2-layer recycled Gore-Tex? Nope… it looks and functions the same.

Patagonia Powder Bowl jacket

The well-sorted new Powder Bowl Jacket has all the features you want in a snow-specific jacket.

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