Scott Launches 2018 Genius for Do-it-all Adventure


That one bike collection is the goal of all riders and Scott’s answer has long been the Genius. When it was introduced, it was one of the first platforms to be offered in both 27.5 and 29 inch variants. “Change your wheels, change your mind” was the mantra on launch and our collective minds have been changed — no question.

For 2018, the Genius platform is 100% new and finally makes the switch to a Horst Link design with a chainstay pivot just in front of the rear axle. Many of us remember that Scott did use that linkage design in the past, but not on bikes offered for sale in the United States. That particular patent is open and kudos to Scott for making that change as it does make for a better-performing suspension overall.

2018 Scott Genius 900 Tuned

The 2018 Scott Genius 900 Tuned — the new trail slayer.

You’ll notice some similarities with the new Scott Spark (released last year) — specifically the new shock mount and location. This provides the optimal suspension performance and feel while also opening up the front triangle for unfettered access to your water bottle.

Tire clearance is sufficient, but not plus-sized. You’re looking at a 2.8″ max in 27.5 mode and 2.6″ max for 29 mode. Additionally, swapping between wheel sizes (should you desire) will be a simple chip flip.

Of course, the Genius features Scott’s TwinLoc system to simultaneously tune or lock the fork and shock at the same time. It does add some handlebar clutter, but it’s always an awesome feature to have on the trail.

Look for the new Genius at Scott dealers soon.

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