Specialized ANGi Turns Helmets into Safety Beacons


Riding without a helmet is… well… stupid. Riding without a MIPS (or similarly-equipped) helmet is also… well… not recommended. Now, Specialized is introducing ANGi, which is a crash-detection device that will automatically send for help if you crash and are unable to respond.

All new 2019 Specialized helmets will be ANGi-ready with a few models coming ANGi-equipped out-of-the-box. The following models will come ANGI-equipped, while any others can be equipped by purchasing the ANGi unit separately ($50).

  • Ambush ($200) and Ambush Comp ($150)
  • Propero III ($130)
  • S-Works Prevail II ($250)
  • S-Works Dissident ($385)
Specialized ANGi

ANGi comes onboard a few models or separately.

Specialized S-Works Prevail II ANGi

The S-Works Prevail II is available with ANGi mounted to the retention system.

Specialized Ambush ANGi

The Ambush has the ANGi unit attached to the rear of the helmet.

The ANGi unit works with the new Specialized Ride App to notify loved ones in case of an incident. Inside the ANGi device is an accelerometer and logic to detect movement indicative of a crash. After such incidents, the app will then present a timer, giving you time to say, “false alarm” or say nothing — meaning you need help. Your location is shared with your safety contacts and help can arrive.

I’m guessing that a future integration with Strava will be forthcoming, but for now it requires Ride Premium, which is included for a year with purchase.

More Info: Visit Specialized.com

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