Sacha White, founder of Speedvagen Bicycles is one of a handful of a modern breed of bicycle craftsmen. His attention to detail and passion for his craft just oozes from every fiber of his body. Talking with him over one of his latest creations was nothing short of a pleasure as we chatted over every detail of “Why this?” and “Why that?”.

Clearly not all of us will have the ability to order up a custom frame of the likes of a Speedvagen. But, if you do, rest assured that you will get a bike that has hundreds of hours of love invested in it for a lifetime of riding. And, if you don’t, you can always dream of someday. Regardless, everyone can certainly appreciate just how much White and other frame builders are contributing to the resurgence of a new generation of frame builders in our age.

This video, from a few years back, will give you a glimpse into the mind of Sacha White.

And, this shows a bit about the passion that goes into getting custom-fit for a Speedvagen.

This Speedvagen Road Disc was on display at ENVE’s new HQ just before the 2017 NABS show in Salt Lake City. It’s an incredible work of art with every detail executed with precision. Simply incredible.

Speedvagen Road Disc

This beauty had me at hello.

Speedvagen Road Disc

This seattube collar allows a carbon seattube to slip on through.

Speedvagen is on the road doing Fit Tours in cities throughout the country. If you’re looking for something special and are ready for a lifetime bike, check them out.

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