For those of you who have not been following over the past few years, you’ve missed out on a lot. Not only is Elden (a.k.a. Fatty) a solid rider and a witty writer, he’s also a wonderful family man whose life has been affected by cancer. His wife, Susan was diagnosed with breast cancer in the past few years and sadly passed just yesterday after a long and courageous battle.

Over the past few months, I’ve been extremely touched by Fatty’s posts (like this one or this one) and it has spurred a lot of thoughtful conversation around our house. I’ve shared a lot of my feelings and Fatty’s experiences with my wonderful wife and family and have been thinking constantly about my cousin and his wife’s current battle with cancer (it’s very similar to Susan).

Life is precious and life is fun, but sometimes even greater meaning comes into play when the relationships we value so deeply are brought to the forefront. Fatty’s last few days with Susan are moving and inspiring. Thank you Fatty for sharing your life with us and thank you Susan for winning the battle. May you and your family find peace and comfort at this time.

By the way… I saw Fatty and his crew this morning on a road ride up American Fork Canyon… way to go, Fatty! Looks like you’re going to ride Leadville afterall and I know Susan will be there at your side the whole way.

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