When Wahoo acquired Speedplay almost two years ago, everyone knew they were going to introduce a pedal-based power meter. But, what nobody knew was that six months post-acquisition, the world would simultaneously see a production shutdown and a tidal wave of bike sales. Now that we are on the tail end of the COVID adventure, Wahoo is launching their all-new Wahoo Speedplay Zero pedal line and also announcing the coming of their pedal-based power measurement system, Powrlink Zero.

The new Wahoo Speedplay Zero line consists of four pedals, priced from $449 to $149. The top-of-the-line Speedplay Nano features a titanium spindle and weighs a scant 168 grams. And, the Speedplay Comp weighs 232 grams and features a chromoly spindle. Dropping grams costs precious Benjamins, so choose your upgrades wisely, mis amigos.

Wahoo Speedplay Zero Pedal Family

The Wahoo Speedplay Nano, Zero, Comp and Aero pedals.

While the pedals do appear to be different from the old design, current Speedplay cleats are compatible with the new pedals. So, for someone like me with several sets of Speedplay Zero pedals and cleats, I can just ride off after installing a new set of pedals. If you haven’t tried Speedplay pedals in the past, I’m here to tell you that the knee-friendly float and easy entry is unmatched.

So, for us Speedplay fans, we’ll continue to enjoy the industry’s only two-sided road pedals for a long, long time. Wahoo is dedicated to continuing to deliver the great float and usability that Speedplay is known for with the backing of a multi-million dollar company going forward.

Wahoo Speedplay Powrlink Zero

The Powrlink Zero is coming this summer.

And, of course… the highly-anticipated Powrlink Zero pedals will be coming later this summer. At 276 grams and a stainless spindle, you’ll be getting reliable, Speedplay-friendly power that can easily be transferred to any bike in your quiver. Presumably, they will be rechargeable and still offer the same low stack height that Speedplay pedals are known for. It’s unknown if there will be a single-sided option at a lower price point, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

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