He wants carbon clinchers, she wants carbon clinchers, we all want carbon clinchers, but even with the variety of options out there, the prices are still out of reach for most cyclists. Enter E11EVEN bike’s 38mm and 50mm carbon rim brake clinchers for under $750 a set — yes, a set.

How on earth could this be true? Well, we got the skinny directly from E11EVEN and these are a special run of wheels that are built to the highest standards and hand-strung with reliable DT Swiss hubs and will include 2-year US-based warranties.

Yes, there are lighter wheels on the market and there are also wider wheels on the market, but for the money, if you want to upgrade your rim brake bike and will be running 25-28mm tires, The E11EVEN 38 and 50 carbon clinchers are going to be a mighty fine deal.

Of course, you’re gonna ask, Walmart.com!?!? Well, in today’s retail environment, selling either on Walmart Marketplace or Amazon.com is where things are going. Yeah, it’s a hard pill to swallow, but it makes sense here. No, you won’t see these in the sporting goods aisle at your local store, but you can ship-to-store for easy pickup.

And, be skeptical of all “too good to be true” wheelsets. We most certainly are, but we trust the ownership and source of these wheels enough to post this.

E11EVEN 38mm Wheelset

The E11EVEN 38’s are lower-profile for better crosswind performance.

E11EVEN 50mm Wheelset

The E11EVEN 50mm carbon clincher wheelset includes DT Swiss hubs.

E11EVEN 38/50mm Wheelset Features:

  • 38mm or 50mm deep carbon clinchers
  • Tubeless-ready
  • 16.4 internal rim width (yes, a bit narrow)
  • Rim brake only with durable brake track
  • DT Swiss 370 hubs
  • 20-spoke front and 24-spoke rear
  • SRAM/Shimano 10-11 speed
  • Includes: QR skewers and brake pads
  • Weight: 1610 grams (38mm) / 1690 grams (50mm)
  • Warranty: 2-year
  • PRICE: $740.51 Now $499!

Buy Now: Available on Walmart.com


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  1. Robert Stewart on

    Can you return them to Walmart for replacement or refund within the two year warranty period should they fail?

  2. As may products reviewed from the magazine , It’ll be awesome for you guys to put the mentioned wheels on the road , to fell and see it how they perform.
    Thanks, and congrats for all the great articles provided it.

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