For several years, London-based Science in Sport has been the nutrition provider for Team Sky. Their unmatched performance in recent Grand Tours just might be attributable to SiS’s new Beta Fuel sports drink. Aimed to eliminate intestinal discomfort while refueling for long rides, Beta Fuel is formulated for performance.

Science in Sport Beta Fuel Features:

  • 2:1 ratio maltodextrin:fructose
  • 80g total carbohydrates
  • Isotonic
  • pH neutral
  • Natural flavors and sweetener
  • Added Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium and Calcium
  • Mix one packet per 500ml
  • Recommended for endurance rides (2.5 hours+)
  • Flavors: Orange or lemon-lime
  • MSRP: $38 (12-pack)
Science in Sport Beta Fuel

Good enough for Team Sky, good enough for me.

Mix it up, then mix it up

Science in Sport has been my personal nutrition of choice for running and biking. Their isotonic and pH neutral energy gels and tablets always sit well in my stomach and provided the necessary nutrition for all my activities. Recently, SiS has been testing their latest concoction — Beta Fuel.

Chris Froome’s legendary Stage 19 victory at the 2018 Giro d’Italia is said to have been fueled by careful planning and proper nutrition, including the use of Beta Fuel. So, while we will never win a stage in a Grand Tour, how does Beta Fuel work for the rest of us?

Science in Sport Beta Fuel

Shake it up, then shake it some more.

The instructions say to mix it with 500ml of water. But, I chose to mix it with 620ml water in a Camelbak Podium bottle. Something that you’ll notice immediately is how much effort it takes to dilute the mixture. Vigorous shaking is required. Let me repeat that, vigorous shaking is required. Perhaps a blender bottle would improve dilution, but certainly bumps in the road finished off the job.

On one grueling 45 mile ride with 3600+ vert, I loaded up in the morning with a banana and a bottle of Beta Fuel. Mid way, I dropped a SIS gel and kept sipping the Beta Fuel along the way. I felt strong, hydrated and had enough power to ascend to the top of the Alpine Loop from Sundance Ski Resort as fresh as I’ve ever done. I’m a believer.

Science in Sport Beta Fuel

The Trek Emonda SLR Disc was loaded up with one Beta Fuel and one H20.

Taste is personal, but the lemon-lime flavor is excellent overall. Overall, it feels smooth going down and never gritty. I’ll say that it does feel “thick” and naturally meters consumption over time. Even if I wanted to guzzle the mixture, I don’t think I could. So, it naturally meters itself for proper consumption throughout a ride.

The Good

  • Balanced fuel for long efforts
  • Goes down smooth
  • Self-metered consumption is easy

The Bad

  • Takes some effort to mix

The Bottom Line: SiS Beta Fuel

Endurance rides have a new secret weapon with Science in Sport’s new Beta Fuel. With the proper balance of maltodextrin and fructose, Beta Fuel goes down easy and keeps your GI happy.

Buy Now: Available from Science in Sport

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