Since 1977, Moonstone has been making bombproof outerwear and sleeping bags. While Moonstone lurks in the shadows of big-time players like The North Face, Marmot and others, their quality and commitment to delivering the best product for your hard earned money is paramount. Now, Moonstone has committed ownership and is Pacific Trail’s premium brand. Moonstone is prepped to crash the party with high-tech outerwear and bags at more affordable pricepoints for as good or better gear. Using quality fabrics and a keen attention to detail, these Moonstone products should be on your shopping list.

Ridge Line Jacket

The Moonstone Ridge Line Jacket is updated for 2005 to provide the best of both worlds. It utilizes a proprietary Reflex® three-layer stretch hardshell on the hood, shoulders and sleeves, while utilizing Reflex® three-layer softshell fabric in the body’s core. This allows the jacket to be tough where it needs to be and flexible to provide a comfortable, athletic fit.

Softshell materials have come a long way and according to Todd Gilmer, Product Manager for Moonstone, “We feel Reflex® provides the same or better breathability as other top three-layer fabrics, but at a much lower pricepoint. That shows in the $300 pricepoint for this great piece.” I totally agree with Todd.

Proprietary waterproof, breathable fabrics from Moonstone and other manufacturers provide arguably as good or better performance as Gore-Tex®, but at wallet-friendly prices.

The Ridge Line Jacket is complemented by the Ridge Line Pant for a trim-fitting and athletic duo that’s great for mountaineering, climbing or backcountry skiing, where you don’t want bulky jackets getting in the way. Retail price on the Ridge Line Jacket is $300.

Exposure Jacket

Since their introduction, softshell fabrics have changed the way companies look at outerwear. This evolution has also produced some amazing softshell fabrics and outerwear. We’re sold on softshell and the new Moonstone Exposure Jacket uses the latest technology from Gore to deliver a killer jacket for all your backcountry needs.

Using Gore-Tex™ Softshell Fleece Back with Super DWR, the Exposure jacket meets Gore’s standards for an “Extreme Wet Weather” rating. This three-layer material is lined with a thin layer of wicking fleece that not only aids in breathability, but is said to be two and a half times warmer than an unlined three-layer jacket.

Not only does the Exposure jacket use the latest in fabrics, it also uses newly engineered seam tape and stitchless construction on the cuffs, hem and zippers to further reduce weight. This jacket is super versatile with pit zips and a stow-away adjustable hood for stormy weather. Look for the Exposure Jacket to retail at $350, which is a bargain for this versatile of a piece!

Talek Jacket

Typically, softshell jackets carry a premium pricetag. This has been in part due to all the R&D that’s been pumped into developing stretchy, yet waterproof and breathable fabrics. But, this is beginning to change and the new Moonstone Talek Jacket is living proof that you can get a quality softshell design that’s both waterproof and breathable for just over $100!

Great as an all-around jacket for athletic activity where a waterproof and breathable jacket is desired, yet flexibility is needed. I’d say this jacket would be perfect for backcountry skiing here in the Wasatch where the water content of the snow is very low. It would also be perfect for cold-weather mountain biking. The Talek features a trim fit, for a non-bulky feel. It’s also lightweight at only 20.7 oz.

Most of all, Moonstone has done us all a favor by introducing a design that’s easy on the wallet at $125 suggested retail. If you’ve been waiting on the fence to buy a softshell jacket, the Talek Jacket should be your excuse to give it a whirl. You’ll be sold.

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